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Hands down one of the best car buying experiences. When I walked in, we were looking for a SUV and after going round and round in my decision making, I ended up with a TSX. I LOVE it and is the exact right car for me. When I first walked in I met FRANCIS who was very... Read more

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The sales people were very friendly but did not tell the truth. My husband and I were very careful to do the math to ensure this timeshare was financially prudent. The points system was explained, we asked a lot of questions; at no time was it ever mentioned that these... Read more

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I bought the "no no". I used it for 60 days. I had to go over and over and over for the hair to be removed. The hair always was growing back after 1 - 2 days. It did not work for me. Near the 60 days I called them back and asked for the "triple guarantee" return. ... Read more

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I bought over a hundred dollars’ worth of clothes from fashion Mia and it took 3.5 weeks to arrive. When it did I was disappointed and angry!!! I had no idea that fabric of such poor quality existed. The sizes are for dolls, not people. I am a size 4 and nothing could... Read more

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THEY HAVE EMPLOYEES STEALING FROM THEM!!!! Do not order from them. They have employees stole my order and when I requested my money back through paypal the Echeck bounced from them. Still cant get my money back as yet. I apologize for the delay in following up with... Read more

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I bought Beyonce tickets for the formation world tour on May 23 2016 and sadly I was not able to make it to the event in Toronto on May 25 2016,where I had to reach a funeral instead. I had spoke to a customer representative trying to help my situation not knowing... Read more

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I've never dealt with a company as bad as ASUS ever!!! NO support, selling dead devices. They claim to repair time after time but nothing touched, nothing worked. Teen daughter out $450 for Transformer tablet she could never use, wouldn't power up or charge and... Read more

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Ha, ha...I had same experience but luckily I can skirt the bad hours of 4-9pm. It has some great equipment and decent classes - that is when they're not over crowded or have too many novices interrupting the flow. I don't mean to be unkind, but there is a compatability... Read more

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Geek Squad is a scam. I paid $80 for a disservice, that being having to work with this failed excuse of a tech repair company. Broken headphones, should be easy right? Just go to Best Buy and as for an exchange. Nope, I'm told I have to work with people. They're a... Read more

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It took one visit to Ajax location to realise no one was enforcing gym rules or polite behaviour. Worst of all there were young kids running wild throughout facility, including change room and adult spa area. A good friend tried to convince me to join because he... Read more

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