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Hands down one of the best car buying experiences. When I walked in, we were looking for a SUV and after going round and round in my decision making, I ended up with a TSX. I LOVE it and is the exact right car for me. When I first walked in I met FRANCIS who was very... Read more

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The sales people were very friendly but did not tell the truth. My husband and I were very careful to do the math to ensure this timeshare was financially prudent. The points system was explained, we asked a lot of questions; at no time was it ever mentioned that these... Read more

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I bought the "no no". I used it for 60 days. I had to go over and over and over for the hair to be removed. The hair always was growing back after 1 - 2 days. It did not work for me. Near the 60 days I called them back and asked for the "triple guarantee" return. ... Read more

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I bought over a hundred dollars’ worth of clothes from fashion Mia and it took 3.5 weeks to arrive. When it did I was disappointed and angry!!! I had no idea that fabric of such poor quality existed. The sizes are for dolls, not people. I am a size 4 and nothing could... Read more

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I've never dealt with a company as bad as ASUS ever!!! NO support, selling dead devices. They claim to repair time after time but nothing touched, nothing worked. Teen daughter out $450 for Transformer tablet she could never use, wouldn't power up or charge and... Read more

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THEY HAVE EMPLOYEES STEALING FROM THEM!!!! Do not order from them. They have employees stole my order and when I requested my money back through paypal the Echeck bounced from them. Still cant get my money back as yet. I apologize for the delay in following up with... Read more

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I bought Beyonce tickets for the formation world tour on May 23 2016 and sadly I was not able to make it to the event in Toronto on May 25 2016,where I had to reach a funeral instead. I had spoke to a customer representative trying to help my situation not knowing... Read more

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Ha, ha...I had same experience but luckily I can skirt the bad hours of 4-9pm. It has some great equipment and decent classes - that is when they're not over crowded or have too many novices interrupting the flow. I don't mean to be unkind, but there is a compatability... Read more

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My daughter got a dress as a gift I didn't get a gift receipt... They wouldn't exchange the dress my daughter is a size large the dress is a small!!! This policy must change!!!

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Order was to be 14.95 + tax and shipping. Also ordered 3 nail colors for approx 35.00. I was charged in canadian funds 33.75 + 52.58 + 41.63. When delivered I was to pay another 52.89 duty, so I refused the order and have it sent back. I called haute and they advised... Read more

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