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Hands down one of the best car buying experiences. When I walked in, we were looking for a SUV and after going round and round in my decision making, I ended up with a TSX. I LOVE it and is the exact right car for me. When I first walked in I met FRANCIS who was very helpful and courteous. My husband reached out separately and received a different sales person. Then we were referred to a third salesperson, Holly, who sold us the car (and bore... Read more

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I was thirsty after a hard days of work. I went to Mcdonalds to order sprite. I asked for a small cup. After I was finished I asked for a refill. The employee told me that those were only for medium and large cups. I told her that this was ridiculous as no where does it say this. They were so stubborn that after arguing they refused to refill my cup. They said a refill was five cents for small cups. I am a registered nurse I make 90k a... Read more

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Order was to be 14.95 + tax and shipping. Also ordered 3 nail colors for approx 35.00. I was charged in canadian funds 33.75 + 52.58 + 41.63. When delivered I was to pay another 52.89 duty, so I refused the order and have it sent back. I called haute and they advised that there would be a 25% restocking fee, plus I was charged 25.00 as they don't do a credit check. When I ordered this I was to pay a grand total in u.s. Funds of 79.95 but once... Read more

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The sales people were very friendly but did not tell the truth. My husband and I were very careful to do the math to ensure this timeshare was financially prudent. The points system was explained, we asked a lot of questions; at no time was it ever mentioned that these points only contributed to 15-30% of a resort discount. We were told they could help with 15% of flights but were [apparently] completely led astray into believing the points paid... Read more

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My son's eleventh birthday was on January 2. I had bought him gifts well in advance. However reciently he has been disobeying me. I just found out that he was friends with a black boy. He knows I would not approve of this friendship and was friends with him behind my back. Then On December 26th I asked him to go tell his dad that he did not want to spend the holidays with him. The deal was that I spend Christmas with my children and up... Read more

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First before you judge me. Let me tell you one thing. I used to work for Mcdonalds. Here is my story. I at a hospital as a registered nurse. Your restaurant is five miles from my work place. During my lunch break I found out that I forgot to take my fork along. I went across the street to ask for a fork. I have forgotton to pack my fork a few times and there was no problem. This time however I was told that they charge 3 cents for a fork. I... Read more

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I play neopets and they have this game called KeyQuest. You are supposed to collect tokens. You sell the plushies in your store where you collect tokens. People are stealing the bar codes because they cost $8. They don't want the plushie, they want the token for the game. They just take barcodes off and type in the codes because the codes are in the barcode. What is wrong with your security. Last year when I was caught stealing they... Read more

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I went to Wendy's. There I was served by a black woman. Now I have nothing against blacks however they do not know how to give correct change. Just the week before I went to Burger King and they short changed me. I asked for another server. She got offended and brought someone else that was working there. This worker too was black. I asked her if there were any white people working there. There was one. I asked her if she can be the one... Read more

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Today I was shopping alone because my children were with their loser of a father. The greeter who I thought was friendly asked me where my children were. I was offended and immediately speaked to a manager. The puzzled greeter called the manager. I told her to get that ridiculous look of her face she knew what she was implying about me. The manager came and asked me to leave. I told him that I would not leave that his greeter was accusing me... Read more

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On Friday at about 8pm I went to your store in Pittsberg Phildelphia. Outside the store they were selling hamburgers and hotdogs for $2, pop, for $1 and a combo for $2.50. Cheeseburgers also cost $2. My daughter being very hungey wanted two patties on her bun. I was charged $4 for this. This price was told AFTER the hamburger was made and given to my daughter. I told them that this was not right because they did not charge extra for the... Read more

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