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Field Electric Of Stillwater - Field Electric - The Fridge Is On The Same Breaker As A GFI & The Owner Refuses To Fix It 1.6 I let them talk me into some alleged all-house GFI's in the Breaker Box. I had just wanted individual GFI's installed in each of 3 outlets in the... Verizon - Had service for 8 hrs 1.0 Tried to get signed up for verison service. Service strength did not work where I live. I returned all equipment and phones within 8 hours. It just... Bingohall - Moose Lodge 2089, Stillwater, OK 2.0 This bingo halls has a lot of illegal things happening in the hall. This is the Moose Lodge #2089 at Stillwater, Oklahoma. The callers family all... Suddenlink - Overbilling and lack of professonalism 1.6 It's really unfortunate that Stillwater granted Suddenlink the francise. It has been downhill ever since the change. Every communication is rude an... Suddenlink - Sudden(ly-no)link 1.3 Oh why merciful Creator, why did you make me be born in a place only Suddenlink can provide for? I would sell my left nut just to hear a rumor that... Taste Of Home - Hidden object I tried for a long while to enter the hidden object but I could not. There was no place to do so. A lot of info on Mar, May etc. I do not intend to... Deckover paint Behr I applied 11 gallons of this paint I worked for 3 or 4 days applying , it was not easy. Now it is peeling off in big strips and looks terrible, do... Zulily - Caveat Emptor Buyer Beware! Zulilly has a business model that is nearly unconscionable. Items on their website are not available. They must order them from other...