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Vyve Broadband - Vyve? Dyve is more like it 1.0 Viyve is absolutely the worst! Should be Dyve not vyve. I had my service installed 3 days ago the first day everything worked fine. I haven't had... UPS is horrible. 1.0 I had a vent hood scheduled to be delivered on July 12, 2016 from the Shawnee Oklahoma UPS. I waited all day and no delivery. Finally around 6:00... Directv - POOR SERVICE 1.3 I GOT DIRECT TV AT SAMS AND WAS TOLD I WOULD GET A $10 DISCOUNT IF I BUNDLED MY CABLE AND AT&T PHONE AND ANOTHER $10 WITH REFER A FRIEND.WHEN I... Dominos Pizza - Review in Fast Food category from Shawnee, Oklahoma 2.9 Shawnee Oklahoma we called in an order for pickup the man on the phone asked for my adress I give it to him and he says that's not hear I said I know... Sleep Number - Mattress Review from Shawnee, Oklahoma 1.0 Stay away from sleep number!!! I am in a nightmare right now trying to get a refund on a adjustable base that was never even brought into my home!!!... No wonder Sears lost $500 million last quarter With products and service like this it's no wonder. My 7 month old Craftsman (which is really a Husqvarna) won't start. It has Smart Switch (keyless... Liquidation Channel - Review in Luxury / Jewelry category from Shawnee, Oklahoma 1.2 Please take that acts like he doesn't know the prices. Becky is a gem. When Dan is cohost I turn chann Ameriplan Usa - Ameriplan I worked so hard and loved that company I heard dale brooks got 6.5 million dollars because Mc onald got 6 million what about all of us who worked...