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I used to have my mortgages with GM Financial. I now have 2 mortgages with Ditech. I make my payments toward the middle of the month. They charge a western union speed pay fee to make the payment online. If it's past the 16th they charge a late fee as well. Late... Read more

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Out of the clear blue,something or sombody called safe cart is taking money from my checking account thru pay pal without my consent. I use pay pal often, and have always been very pleased with them, but Im pissed at them also right now! They have always asked my... Read more

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In February 2014 we purchased a new 2014 Jayco Jay Flight Swift 28BHS travel trailer. I've had new and used RV's since 1981-and this by far has the poorest craftsmanship of any RV I've ever owned. Right now it sits at Camping World in OKC/Edmond, OK (where it's been... Read more

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I watched several different videos of people that I actually knew using this product. I was excited that it might actually work the way they showed since these were "real" people. I wasn't quite sold on the price but decided that if it only takes 5 drops to get the... Read more

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We believe this consumer to be an InventHelp research client from 2003. Her concerns stem from her discovery in 2016 of a product similar to her invention. Similar concepts are a common occurrence in this industry. While we would like to be able to provide the... Read more

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I reached a point in my life that I needed a change. I went through a divorce and needed to mix things up a little. I didn't know if I would like what was offered at HCM but went in to it with an open mind.I had some bad looks with some of the same issues that I have... Read more

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Yelp - I want compensation for 100k plus in lost business over 3 years
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I own thunder vapor a small Vape shop in Oklahoma City and over the past 3 years I've had Dozens upon dozens of calls and lost out of town business because yelp will not post over 25 5 star reviews and instead list a small amount and most are not good or spam from... Read more

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After reading about the "money back guarantee" and discussing it over with a friend, I decided to buy one at a cost of $74.95 total. Looks like it's easy enough to install, so I was looking forward to getting it and trying it out. Once I received the chip and saw that... Read more

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After doing much research on induction cooking I purchased a NuWave PIC Pro from an infomercial that I have watched on television a qwazillion times. The entire machine has a diameter of about 12 inches total. In the infomercial it clearly shows a heating surface that... Read more

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I went to quail springs mall with my mom to get her eyes checked and get some new glasses. We'll on the way to go look at frames I was stopped my a woman with a very strong accent. She started asking me question about my hair. I thought what the hey I have the time... Read more

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