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Sprouts Farmers Market- Shame on you for marketing your baked goods as "natural" when they're anything but. 2.4 On September 14, 2017 , I purchased a box of Sprouts Farmers Market brand cookies, Coconut Pecan flavor. As it is very hard to find a decent tasting... Ymca - Super Mad Mother 1.6 The customer service at this YMCA is appalling and it comes from the top down (Joe Palsey). The After School Children's program is absolutely... My Family Mobile - Cant receive calls from other providers 1.3 Setup: My wife has Family Mobile and it has worked great. When I retired I needed a new provider and got on her plan. From day one, I have had... Kfc - Always out of Grilled Chicken 2.2 Your franchise located on Alameda Street always seems to be out of grilled chicken or they refuse to cook grilled chicken in an attempt to get you to... Turnberry Apartments - Apartment Rental Review from Norman, Oklahoma 1.0 My mother lived there for 10+ yrs. I moved in to help her. She passed away and I stayed in that *** hole for 5 more yrs. They painted over apts and... Teechip is a scam 1.0 I was charged twice for a hoodie order. I contacted my back and disputed the charge and also tried to contact They sent me an email... Nouvalift - Instant Wrinkle Reducer Face Cream Review from Norman, Oklahoma My credit card was charged $99.95 for Nouvalift. Are you crazy? I don't want this junk that doesn't work! Do not send it anymore! I'm being ripped... Express Credit Auto - Customer Care Review from Norman, Oklahoma They say if you have any problems come in and talk to them but, once you have the car they never even say hello when you walk in to make a payment...