I will never go to super cuts again the girl that did my hair told me she was gonna *** an inch she ended up taking 3-4 inches off of my. She also only layered my hair on one side. Worst salon ever I shouldn't have paid for what she did. The girls name was Michelle... Read more

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I was in Target store 3225 Louisiana Ave. Lafayette, La 70501 on Monday, 9/19/2016. I had to walk out without purchasing a thing. I quess she was the store manager, Jackie. I have never in my life heard a leader of a time talk do indignant to her employees. I am a... Read more

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I went online to vivid seats to purchase playoff tickets for the Rangers. The problem with this site is the tickets all look the same and they are not clear on which game is which. I purchased the wild card game thinking its the first playoff game and turns out that... Read more

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This was about a couple of shirts I received as a gift that I had the receipt for that the returns at the Midwest City Oklahoma JCPenny lady would not return . It was still in date she told me I had only one receipt that I needed the two of them . I told her both of... Read more

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I have eaten at mcdonalds for years and I could not believe the customer service and the food I paid for as well as the time it took to even get my food. To make it even ridiculious is that I didnt even get all my food. My children were crying and ready to get home so... Read more

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The clerks are very unorganized here at this store . Nothing is stocked everything is just placed out in the isles . I go in everyday and its like this. But today their card reader was not working and all of my things was already in the buggy and we where paying with... Read more

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I've had internet through this provider since it was allegiance and let me tell you, allegiance was much better! Vyve has the worst customer service, I have billing issues every month and get cut off because of their incompetence of not getting the bill straight and... Read more

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We lost service Friday,which was a week ago... internet, phone, and cable. Called Sat to report the problem. They said it was a bad modem. They sent a new one and we got it Mon. Hooked it up and still no service. Called Mon and said it still didn't work and they sent a... Read more

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Went in for dinner@ 8:00 p.m . Asked for a high top in bar. There was one left and the host said the server had just got off work and we couldn't sit there! You just lost 6 people that wanted rib eye steaks because one of your staff couldn't turn around and take our...

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