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These people have serious problems! First I recieved a bill in the mail for 500+ dollars I call and ask how I owe that much when this is the first gas bill I have ever had and they say my spouse and I tell them im not married they give me my fathers name and say they tacked it on to my bill and I have to pay it or my service will be cut off. Where is this right?! Isnt this illegal? Im a young mother just starting out on life and barley making it... Read more

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I will never go to super cuts again the girl that did my hair told me she was gonna *** an inch she ended up taking 3-4 inches off of my. She also only layered my hair on one side. Worst salon ever I shouldn't have paid for what she did. The girls name was Michelle Brooks. The only thing good she did was the conditioner treat ment. She also said she couldn't color my hair because she isn't allowed to color it when there is three different colors... Read more

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This so called organization is only out for the dollars. They do not care how much these girls work to raise fees to pay for pageants. They keep all fees paid to them no matter the circumstances for which your daughter could not attend anymore. So if your not able to have a silver spoon in your mouth like these guys while ripping off our youth, i highly suggest you invest your/your daughters money in something legitimate She who pays most wins... Read more

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As a CTO of an Enterprise grade software company, I have had a couple dealings here and there with software over my 16 years as a CTO. I can say with certainty that things are really unethical about the way this company produces their sales revenue. They first call my mother-in-law and are very aggressive and borderline rude to her trying to convince her that she has a virus and that she needs to install their software to stop the infection. ... Read more

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I had a bill. Didn't pay it. Came back to *** me in the hoo-hah. My fault; whaddaya gonna do? Didn't know about credit when I moved out. But years later, I KNOW. lol. NOW. sheesh. SO I wasn't able to pay the bill b/c I was unemployed a looooooong time. Went to school, got some cred, got a GREAT job, PRAISE THE LORD! :::hands up:::: they contacted my employer to garnish my wages. ::gasp:: I wasn't aware of this but if I had even bothered... Read more

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I went online to vivid seats to purchase playoff tickets for the Rangers. The problem with this site is the tickets all look the same and they are not clear on which game is which. I purchased the wild card game thinking its the first playoff game and turns out that they are not even playing that game!! Its been cancelled and they refuse to expedite a refund and I'm pissed because i dropped a lot of money and won't be able to see the playoff... Read more

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I was in Target store 3225 Louisiana Ave. Lafayette, La 70501 on Monday, 9/19/2016. I had to walk out without purchasing a thing. I quess she was the store manager, Jackie. I have never in my life heard a leader of a time talk do indignant to her employees. I am a professional. I always thought you get more productivity from people by talking to them with respect. Usually when a leader is talking down to workers and belittling, there's poor work... Read more

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I've been on Roca Labs for two days and have lost 7 lbs already so yea it works IF you follow the directions. Read more

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This was about a couple of shirts I received as a gift that I had the receipt for that the returns at the Midwest City Oklahoma JCPenny lady would not return . It was still in date she told me I had only one receipt that I needed the two of them . I told her both of them were on one receipt . She did not want to listen . So I called the MWC store and talked to the store manager who was a lady she told me She was sorry and she would send me out a... Read more

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