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Ritz Crackers - Crackers crumble I love Ritz crackers but the last 3 boxes I have bought have turned to crumbs. Very disappointing especially when you plan to spread peanut butter on... Bookvip - Bad company This company has consistently used fraudulent business practices and has my deposit of over 490 dollars they will not refund. I am contacting the us... FACEBOOK : THE ULTIMATE LITTLE KIDS' TREEHOUSE 1.3 I've had a FACEBOOK page since 2009. These people have no rhyme or reason about why they do things. They punish by freezing... Healthcare Gov - Your employees are incompetent & rude and your system is broken! 1.0 My husband passed May 11, I called to notify you, I *** that took the call canceled the plan and reissued a plan for me. She told me my plan would be... Sealy - Bad Customer Service 1.2 We bought a $600.00 plus King Mattress (sealy) from a Local store here in Grove, Ok. (Bob Loftis) in November of 2013. In march of this year we... Walmart - Oil change gone wrong i had the oil changed on my 03 trailblazer done on 11/13/2015. never leaked any oil until Walmart changed it. I was told they are not responsible for... Monitronics - Don't Let Monotronics Install a Security System Monotronics came to my house in California and talked me into cancelling the company I was using by offering me a cash payment. Like a nut, I fell fo... Terracom Wireless - REPLY TO THE REBUTTAL 4.0 Dear TERRACOM CUSTOMER,

Why don't you take your little review, and jam it where the sun don't shine, huh ? You don't know...