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The main role players of UBI have one thing in common. All went Bankrupt building houses.(OKC BRANCH) These guys designed a system that works great for them. The have 0 risk or obligation in the construction process and still come out making the same amount of money as... Read more

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I bought the first MyPillow (SQ 2028-B) in 2015. I was extremely happy with it. It really was indeed the best pillow I had owned. I was so happy with it, I bought a second one (also a SQ 2028-B) in early April 2016 to rotate with the 1st one between washings. This... Read more

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We were told budget numbers were final hard numbers but discovered they were just estimates & several differed greatly from the contractor bids that discovered I was responsible for getting myself. For examples, electric, carpentry, HVAC, floor & tile installation &... Read more

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Cox Communications - Cox will shut you off if you complain about there service ...
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I have been a long loyal customer of Cox for years ... 20 or more ... For 6 months my cable has not worked correctly ... Cox has had all type of people out here trying to fix it ... It is still not working ... They left extra cable on the box and did not even pickup... Read more

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I paid $15,00 for a bottle of this so called cleaning tonic. I had seen the commercials where it will even clean baked on grease. It is NOT True, I mixed it as directed. No Luck. Mixed it stronger, Nothing. Mixed it even stronger and finally realized this company is a... Read more

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My wife and are currently building our new home with Ubuildit. I like Ubuildit for several reasons, but planning and execution of that plan are my main ones. We wanted to save costs in building our new home and being involved was they way we decided to do that.... Read more

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Arbonne came into my life when I needed an opportunity to supplement my career. I also happened to begin a new approach to my lifestyle - spending, eating, sleeping, products I use. It made a lot of sense for me to join. I was scared at first because of all of the... Read more

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UBuildIt was a total blessing! We had planned on using another local custom home builder to build our home. After getting frustrated with the total lack of information and transparency, we decided to call UBuildIt. As previously stated, they were a total blessing! Not... Read more

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We couldn't be happier with the UBuildIt team in Oklahoma City. Everyone in their office has been extremely helpful during the whole process. Our custom home was finished in less than 6 months and under budget. We talked with other custom home builders who wanted 20%... Read more

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My sister sent me an order from Omaha Steaks for Christmas. I am extremely disappointed with what they sent. I got 4 Filet Mignons which were covered with fat and very thin. They looked more like a piece of sirloin and something that would be served at the IHOP. A good... Read more

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