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Rise Broadband - I want my money back ! 1.0 I started their service when they first hit our town which was around November 2016 2 year contact 350gb a month with LTE I actually LOVED their... Rise Broadband - Worst Internet Service Provider in North America! 1.0 We currently have Rise Broadband, but not for long. They put us under a 2 year service contract. Two weeks after we were under the contract our... Qvc - Review in Shopping category from Durant, Oklahoma 4.2 I like QVC no last night by phone that I no longer wish to give my money to them for their products anymore. Although I have been happy with my... Vyve Broadband - Flabbergasted 1.3 I do not even see how this company exists.

First: asked to sign up for internet, set up installation date, wait 2 weeks for installation,

installation date comes,...
Graceland Portable Buildings - Lease to own is a bad deal I stopped by Graceland Portable Buildings just to inquire about pricing. The lady said they do not do credit checks (1st clue the prices are not what... Vyve Broadband - Broadband slow or constantly not working. For several years I complain to Vyve. They say the problem is in my area but they are trying to fix it. I can't do gaming or anything time required.... Rise Broadband in Durant Oklahoma Rise Broadband took over rhino communications in Durant Oklahoma, and now you can't even get someone to talk to you on the phone, if you do there in... Plentyoffish - FRAUDULENT WEBSITE - BE VERY AFRAID 1.0 First, I would like to expose all of their websites, for those whom are not aware of the mass of websites they own.