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Aamco - They got me like some crackheads. 1.0 Took my saturn in to get a estimate for a gas leak coming from the back. Come into pick it up after being told 2 gas line's would be 816.00$. They... Other Company - Springfield Ohio would be great if the gover I've been here for a few years now. Having come from a society in a different area where the government is friendlier, there is a stark contrast to... Csl Plasma - Penalized for going to my Doctor????? 1.0 I had blood drawn by my DOCTOR for standard tests as part of a physical. April @ CSL told me I needed to bring in paperwork showing this. I did. It... Bob Evans Restaurants - Soup and salad 2.7 my wife ordered bean soup and a salad with house dressing. this was the west side of springfield,ohio location. She stated the bean soup was... Hgtv - Fixer Upper Tv Show Review from Springfield, Ohio I thought fixer Upper was going away. So, I guess not. I hate this show. I can't stand Chip. He is so immature. I just love to watch HGTV at night... Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Worst chicken ever very rude 3.2 Tried Popeye chicken for the first time 8-12-15 when the first opened up in my area very bad chicken and rice i figured new company to the area... Bob Evans Restaurants - Steak Review from Springfield, Ohio I have gotten steak and eggs from Bob Evans about 3 times. The first it was in Dayton Ohio as nd it was delicious. Exactly what I expected from a... Steak N Shake - Yelling unprofessional waitress I was at the restaurant in Springfield Ohio and there was a waitress yelling at the cooks in full view of everyone. She pointed to one of the cooks...