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There has to be something we can do. I am in the same boat was told Ashford was an accredited school to get my early childhood teaching license and it was all false. So no I half way through a program thats 100% false. We need to figure this out so we aren't... Read more

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Purchased table ASH T 830-9 six months ago. Sercice to home several times to fis top of table becaise the one side does not lay flat. Professional said problem with hinges. Laura fro Levins suggested a third table. Lol Read more

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Arbys - King’s Hawaiian® Fish Deluxe YUK!!
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Stopped by a local Arby's for lunch the other day. The photo of the King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe looked so good. I ordered one and ask to hold the tomato and lettuce. What I got was a smashed and burnt bun that looked nothing like the photo. I took it back and asked for... Read more

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Not good salad salad was old and crusty i love this company but not today

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Hi Iam a customer of capital one auto. I have never been so upset wiith a company. Capital one auto is screwing me around on my loan balance. I have pay them $3225.00 just alone this month and my balance is not dropping off on my pay off or balance owed . Its... Read more

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It is a quality product. I would not hesitate to buy from this compamy again. You want more words so I must babble. I am impressed with how good this thing works. It is just perfect. I am not a pissed consumer. I have switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and... Read more

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my daughter and her husband took us out for our 55 year anniversary. I'm sorry to say this was the worst steak we ever had! it was suppose to be 6 0zs. but I took mine home and the next day when i went to eat it, I thought this is the smallest steak,so I put it on my... Read more

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Over the past 2 years I have heard every transparent excuse under the sun except for 'the dog ate my homework'. From saying an attempt to deliver was made when none actually was (I sat home all day in vain), to saying they couldn't get in my driveway because my... Read more

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I got into it with rude financial reps yesterday because a rep cancelled my payment that i just made and not only the automatic payment for the next day that iasked him to cancel so my service was interrupted and they basically called me a liar and i ended up having to... Read more

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I ordered a miami dolphins plaque and when it got here it had a big chip on one of the corners,after sending emails and calls and getting nowhere I posted my review on ebay and then they contacted me asking if they refund my money would I be willing to revise my... Read more

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