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ATT - Lying Marketers at RDI MARKETING/ Directv 1.0 This company is a joke. Had me in tears trying to force me to sell movie channels to an 88 yr old woman. I told this young man who was high as a... Jeff Wyler Automotive Family - Recent Purchase 1.0 I recently purchased a Fiat 500 from Jeff Wyler. Under the agreement it was included, at a price of $2500, a 5 year 85,000 mile warrant. I recently... Fedex - Fed ex cannot track their own packages 1.0 After being sent a fed ex tag to return a product for repair I dropped off the box at a fed ex office. Several days later I realized the fed ex clerk... Cincinnati Bell - Fioptics Internet Service Review from Milford, Ohio 1.0 After reading other reviews on here, it looks like I'm not alone in the problems I am having with my Fioptics service. It is junk and has been... Cincinnati Bell - Fioptics Internet Service Review from Milford, Ohio 1.0 Well I was hoping this latest software update would help fix my internet, cable and home phone issues. It hasn't whatsoever. I was online earlier and... Cincinnati Bell - Tv Service Review from Milford, Ohio 1.0 Your channel selection on Fioptics is not good at all. I don't want to see channels like Blaze, Jewelry TV, Justice Central, Newsmax, and Newsy.... Cincinnati Bell - Fioptics Bundle Review from Milford, Ohio 1.0 I am totally disgusted with the poor service you provide at Cincinnati Bell. Ive had fioptics or what I call junkoptics for 5 months now and ive... Cincinnati Bell - Customer Assistance for SENIORS (OVER 80 years of Age) I need a CINCINNATI BELL CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATITVE, who speaks fluent ENGLISH without an accent to contact my senior citizen parents (My mom...