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Omega XL’s formula containing our patented oil, PCSO24 has been shown to provide relief from inflammation in clinical testing. Unfortunately, folk remedies such as the one you recommend are seldom tested in clinical trials. Read more

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We were customers of Pivotal Home Solutions, purchasing their Extra Service Protection plan for appliance protection. Our specific plan was the TotalCare Basic for $38.69 per month. This was a plan offered in response to a protection plan originally offered by... Read more

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I first took out a loan in January 2014. Yes their interest rates are high but I knew this going in. Over 17 months I made ALL of the payments on time (in some cases a day or two early) and was reloaned 5 times. Now when I need help they tell me I have to pay off the... Read more

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A target employee named "ariana" (I think someone called her that) who was stocking shelves at the Grove City Target location was absolutely unpresentable: 1) She had a hat tucked into the ***-crack of the waist-band of her pants while her pants were sagging an extreme... Read more

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Global Cash Card Review
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Its a shame temp agencies use thus card for employment. My card has been locked for 4 days now and i have 5 different emails to different people at glibal cash card to provd my identity. None has recieved my emails and no emails came back as email not found. On top of... Read more

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We went to Dicks tonight at Mall Of America Bloomington MN. The experience was awesome and our waiter Sean A. Was so funny we had the time of our life. Now if you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen because it is fun and if you mess with the bull you get the... Read more

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PowerBuilt stood fast and did not refund my money. If I were rich I would have completely canceled and lost the $500.00. I wanted a building to cover a used but in mint condition motor home. Carolina Carports came on Monday 10/16/16 and installed a nice RV cover. I... Read more

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Zgallarie has the most horrible customer service I have EVER seen. Lawanda in Leawood KS has the nastiest most racist attitude I have ever encountered at a store. She has went so far as to follow people around the store as their shopping, not give money back on returns... Read more

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I live in Grove City, Ohio. I ordered an RV carport from Powerbilt Steel Buildings on 6/23/16. Today's date is 9/23/16. No carport! The salesperson I dealt with told me 30 days was the norm. About July 2/16 I received a call saying building was ready. I informed... Read more

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I ordered online A 4 advantax II Pack. I also needed it quickly so i paid $10 extra for 2 to 3 day shipping. Today is the 3rd day so i called customer service because i am unable to pull up my order online since i placed the order. I was told today, the 3rd day,... Read more

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