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Bob Evans Restaurants - Review in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars category from Delta, Ohio 3.0 Not fond of the mason jar glassware. Canning jars are for canning not drinking. I prefer to drink from a glass and the jars are not made for... Cincinnati Bell - Fioptics Bundle Review from Delta, Ohio 1.0 What is it going to take for you to fix the cable and internet issues I am having? Your service is beyond terrible. My cable, internet and dvr... Pats Pizzeria Family Restaurant - Review in Delivery category from Delta, Ohio 1.0 From Marc Azar

Pats pizzeria are the biggest crooks ever. My Sister in law worked there for a few weeks. She took a $72 dollar delivery and the p...
Once Upon A Child Customer Care Review from Delta, Ohio Visited the Southfield store today. Felt discrimated upon entering the store.
Clerk looked at only half of the bag of clothes and said they had hair...
Arbys - Chicken Nuggets Review from Delta, Ohio 1.0 so I went to Arby's right and I was so excited to get my chicken fingers and French fries and BBQ sauce. and the *** forgot my BBQ sauce and gave me... Eversource - Electricity Supply Review from Delta, Ohio 1.0 Service disconnect with no prior notice and reading on the security deposit requirements you should've had a period of more then 4 disconnection... Advance Auto Parts Customer Care Review from Delta, Ohio Purchased spark plugs today. Asked if they could make sure gap is correct. They said that's already done at the manufacture. Eye-balled a couple and... Intoxalock - Ignition Interlock Device Review from Delta, Ohio I have nonstop problems w/this device,it works for a week ,than will say unit not serviced in time. IFEEL screwed!!!!!!$$$$$