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Roca Labs WORKS!!! I have lost 25 lb in 6 weeks!!!
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Hi my name is Erin. I've read a lot of reviews and I wanted to share my experience using the Roca Labs regimen. I was skeptic at first from reading some of the reviews. I have tried a lot of things, nothing seemed to work. My next step was going to be gastric... Read more

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I am a 25 year old, active and extremely in-shape person. I don't eat burgers and fries. I also developed chest pains after using the cream for a little over 15 days. I was contemplating selling this stuff. However, after the random pain/palpitations in my chest I was... Read more

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Was told about this by friends and family members who all had no problems so I decided to try it. I did the 10 day cleanse with no problems. However three days into the second phase of the 24 day challenge my face, neck, chest and back began to get very warm and red... Read more

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You are just deluding yourself sir! I got a 760 credit score with perfect credit history, very low debt and way more that the minimum in savings for the minimum funds required. And yet, this Naca process is getting more and more frustrating after 5 months now.... Read more

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I was fired from this lovely company via PHONE CALL! That's right. My boss was completely professional no? People need to know that this place is not a photography studio, it's a sales business. Many of the "photographers" are still in school some way, shape,... Read more

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I am actually glad to read that other ladies had the gummy feel to their hair after using this product. I just colored my hair for the first time with eSalon this morning. I have washed my hair 3 times and still can't get the product out of my hair. It feels so gross.... Read more

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I purchased a Jasper reman engine in 2008 for my 1994 Chevy C1500, had the standard 3yr/100,000 mile warranty. I put 193,000 miles on the original factory motor-commuting, traveling to Alabama and NC, hauling a riding mower and towing everything! (sometimes to 'Bama... Read more

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Be wary of Vacation Rental Pros. In our experience with them, we found them to be deceitful and very hard to reach after the initial sale. They were friendly enough at first when doing the actual booking but after that it was a whole different story. They did not... Read more

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My Husband and i tried them they are aweful such a wast of money way over priced uncomfortable junk Read more

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I usually was drinking two a day .A vanilla and strawberry.I cant find them neither.I was starting to gey were very good and made you the egde you needed to to get things done .Plus they tasted good.I dont understand why they quit selling them.Thats how... Read more

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