if i wrote on here everything i have sent to Laurie, Heather, Michelle...i would have to write a book. This has been going on for a year now...they NEVER made ONE veneer that even came close to fitting me..i ended up needing braces, and was told by them that i had "altered" my teeth...i have sent letters back and forth to the BBB in Texas...nothing done..The director of this company is Bill Watson, I have called and emailed at least 50 or more... Read more

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This just drives customers away. We "mute" the TV when the commercial starts. It is too loud, it is annoying, and it is certainly not profeesional advertizing. The verbal portion of the commercial is so fast it is barely understandable. You need to listen to it and decide for yourselves what will attract customers. I will not shop at American Freight for this reason. Other family and friends feel the same way. Wake up American Freight! Fire your... Read more

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On 1/19/14 I purchased a Kitchenaid mixer from Kohls. The mixer was advertised with a manufacturer's cash rebate of $30. The Kitchenaid rebate form, which I received from Kohls, indicated that I had to send the Proof of Purchase with a UPC number. I called Kitchenaid Rebates Customer Service to ask them where to find the UPC #. They told me that I would find it on the outside of the box. In early February I sent the rebate form to Kitchenaid... Read more

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