I'm guilty of trusting Direct Energy Services LLC in Westerville, Ohio, my supplier of natural gas for my home in Cleveland. A few years ago I Got a knock on my door from their rep offering a great low rate, no commitments etc. so I said sure. My mistake was not... Read more

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I was a happy Direct Energy customer for a couple of years. I received the rate I agreed to, and thought everything was fine. I opened up my bill this month and soon discovered that my rate went from 41 cents per ccf to 86 cents per ccf! OMG! Obviously, I called and... Read more

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On Saturday evening a salesman came to my doorman trying to get me to sign up with direct energy, as someone who is always looking to lower utility costs I listened and it sounded good. Until we got to the end of the conversation and he was prompting me with answers.... Read more

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Have explained to the customer service rep that we aren't interested in the service, but continue to get calls at all time of the day!!!!!!! I want the calls to stop or we will contact the PUCO here in Columbus Ohio. WE DONT WANT THE SERVICE...if you call and harass me... Read more

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This company is a joke. They charged me a variable rate that was more than double that of Ohio's standard variable rate over those two months. They had overcharged 200$ more over the course of 2 months. I shared the situation and asked for a rebate / rate adjustment.... Read more

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Apparently the 'guarenteed' low rate only lasts for one year after which Direct Energy automatically switched me to a 'variable rate' which is more than 50% higher than Consumers charges. I did not receive any notice (they admit that) and my rate skyrocketed. Does... Read more

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