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I had bid on an item and won at the columbus copart location. It was listed as the vehicle run so drive all the way up there to pat for the vehicle and drive it back to ly lot in dayton. The vehicle wouldnt even start so i asked them would you please help me start it... Read more

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Villages of Eden Crossings Moving in the apt was absolutely filthy ...they painted the tub with reg latex when you shower or clean the paont comes show how disgusting it really is The stove they painted it as well the 1st time used the eyes now all... Read more

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Please consider hiring a staff that can read? 12:22 pm June 21st 2017 order was placed. Every item on the order was a special request, i.e. no cheese, no pickles extra mustard or so on. And yet again anther failed excuse, we end up with burgers with the grill slips... Read more

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I brought a 2007 Jeep compass from these guys not even a week ago, the sales girl was super nice and all that other bull *** that will make u fall for they trap. I let my dad see the contract and he was furious they don't tell u how much the car is untill u sit down... Read more

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Jeg's refused to honor their "Guarantee Lowest Price Match" even after identifying 2 retailers that sell the same item for a normal price of $64.28. The price match policy is as follow: "The price match guarantee does not apply to refurbished, closed, or close out... Read more

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Power goes out every 3 weeks all over the block then its 2 to 3 hrs to come back on

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I ordered two stuffed crust pizza's crazy bread and an order of wings, the inside of the pizza was still doughy. I was unable to do anything about it last night it was a last minute dinner for my 3 children i put it in my oven to finish cooking the pizza to even feel... Read more

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The bank hold my daughter IRS refund money after cashing the check I submit using they Third part check services one year ago, around March 2016, They frozen my accounts I sent to them all paperworks asked for, And demonstrated that fraud was not the issue, including... Read more

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My husband and I have been looking for sofas for our family room for awhile,after doing research on line at all available we decided on a custom sofa available for immediate delivery from the warehouse. We visited the store on East Main St. in Reynoldsburg Oh. Talked... Read more

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Jd Byrider - Never Again!
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According to JDByrider's Corporate Policies they are not supposed to mark up their part prices. I was a loyal customer for several years and would even bring them donuts at my service appointments. They marked up the price of my engine and Doubled the cost of the Tow... Read more

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