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Express Scripts - Just...miserable 1.0 My employer changed over to a bottom-of-the-barrel plan a few years ago, and Express Scripts is the pharmacy benefit manager. A few years ago I... Rent A Center - Bad Business turned me away 1.5 I was turned away from yall employee to another store. Who does that? Evidently he does. Im5nit pleased at all. I paid off some things at another... Cheated at Smartstyle 3.3 I bought two Design Essentials the shampoo and leave in conditioner products from Smartstyle on Morse rd when they had the buy one get one 50%off... Nationwide Bank - Financed a vehicle with them 5 months ago still no title 1.5 Financed a vehicle using Nationwide Bank in May 2017. Nearly 5 months later in October, I am still being given the runaround with regards to the... CareerExcuse - I love them!! Lol They are the best so happy with my service 5.0 Hey this company will change your life!! like my situation right now would be so much worse with out them. am so thankful and grateful for Jenifer... Magnetic Springs Water - Magnetic springs fails 1.1 This company operates poorly. I was paying $19.95 for 3 jugs. I thought it was a great deal. Then I made the mistake of asking them to add 2 more... Value City Furniture - Fake coverage (Pure Promise) 1.5 I have been promised coverage for my furniture I bought from Value City Furniture. I paid more than $500 for 5 years coverage. A year later, I... Huntington Bank - Customer Service 1.0 I called in behalf of my mother who is very very sick iam able to make payments for my mother just nit withdrawl any money . I simply called to get...