They approached us via marketing materials for business capital. We submitted all our documents to find out that they really have to idea on how to evaluate a business and the financials. Stay away, huge waste of time. I would advise a company to go the traditional way and go to the bank. They asked for many documents to only find out they they have no clue as to what a balance sheet is. They solely judge the company on tax returns. The worse... Read more

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I received a letter in the mail today March 28th 2011 with no return address only post marked Phoenix, AZ. The letter inside stated that US Airlines had been trying to notify me for some time now that I was the winner of two airline tickets worth $1400.00 and that I needed to call their toll free number to claim my prize. It was signed by their vice president Joyceln Hall. I did some research and sure enough Joyceln Hall is a phony front... Read more

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My granddaughter has 3 years of college under her she has wanted to be a nurse since she was 8. Told me she quit school to build her advo-care business in fact took money saved for school to buy into it. Tried to explain this was a bad idea she has quit speaking to me. All she does on her FB page is promote this worthless product and tries to get people that have no money to join her it's like she is brain washed. Her younger sister is now... Read more

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Geico raised my rates after a fender bender, so I cancelled my Geico auto insurance policy in June by telephone because I received a lower rate from another company and bought other insurance. Then, two months later, I received a bill from Geico claiming that I had not paid my bill since June. When I called to complain, they said there was no record of my cancellation and told me to fax proof that I had insurance through another company since... Read more

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I'm extremely pissed. I filed my taxes through turbo tax, and chose the option of having my tax return deposited to my pre paid card from this company. As soon as my card arrived in the mail, I attempted to activate it. For some "MYSTERIOUS" reason, my account locked up, blocking me from having access to my own money. I called customer service, and oh those reps are just pathetic and useless. They could barely speak clear English! They said it... Read more

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I had contacted an escort from backpage. Her name changes in all the posts she has. But her contact number is 6146749847 which was consistent through all her posts. When she arrived she was very inquisitive about me and used my bathroom. She then proceeded to ask me if I had a condom and i said no. She said she was going to get one from her car and would be right back. She then texts me 15 mins later saying she was at the gas station getting... Read more

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I got approved for Roadloans for the second time. The first time I could not find any dealerships that would accept the approval. I went to 3-4 dealerships listed as a partner dealers. I finally gave up. A year later I tried again with an online approval site that turned up Roadloans. So I was not very hopeful. After some online research, the second time I followed the advice from some reviewers online. I went to CarMax as they had recommended.... Read more

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DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT purchase a home from Fischer Homes. They will lie to your face and go back on their word. And especially DO NOT purchase a home from Kristin Collins at Margies Cove in Grove City Ohio. Long story short (although I'm more than willing to elaborate so if you'd like all the details please message me), my husband and I purchased a new home from them. We provided them with a modest deposit for holding the lot, etc. and we... Read more

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The purpose of this four part essay is to clarify the problems which ail the TruGreen-ChemLawn company, why they are problems, and exactly what causes the situations in reference. The overall content of this essay will be broken down into four parts regarding issues in customer service, issues with employee payroll, issues with the sales force, and issues surrounding the high turnover of employees that the TruGreen-ChemLawn company experiences.... Read more

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I have been sitting on hold now for 60 minutes and 55 seconds. I would use their website except the reason I am sitting here on hold to speak to an individual is that they have locked me out of my account. I have no access to it. I have checked the password and user name to make sure it was entered correctly and they keep saying I do not exist. I am checking my account because they have once again denied a claim that is valid and have dumped... Read more

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