I got ripped off by lending club corporation for 1200 dollars they keep giving me the run around Read more

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When I started to make extra payments to payoff loan early the payments don't post to account in timely manner, if an extra payment made to close to regular payment neither post and put account delinquent. Had to call to fix, not easy to do. Made final Payment 11/21 still not posted on 12/1 called To fix and representative was going to take another payment from me even though the account was paid in full!! Treasury department very slow!!! Read more

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I am a plumber working for roto-rooter and i will tell everyone the real truth behind this corporate rip off of a plumbing company. We do have flat rate pricing but we will not tell you how much it is over the phone because we charge way too much and if you have time to check around you will find a better deal elsewhere. They want the tech to come to your house and put you on the spot so you will have us do it. Also the people you talk to on the... Read more

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I requested the amount I needed, in 10 minutes was emailed that my loan was 90% funded, within 24 hours I received a request of documents they needed ( pay stubs, Tax returns, etc) verified my bank account and email and within 5 days I received $28,000 into my bank account..The key is following through with everything they request as soon as possible. I never needed to speak with anyone on the phone because the email process was much easier. If... Read more

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We receive offers from Lending Club seemingly every single month through the mail. We normally ignore these offers but thought to apply as we were wishing to consolidate a few credit cards used for our business. Initially they indicate in their online account for you, investors matches. (approved pending their documents) After requesting numerous copies of tax returns, K1's, 1099, authorization for tax return releases and a phone call from one... Read more

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I applied for a consolidation loan of $35,000 in July 2012. The loan was fully funded by 159 investors. However, Lending Club is so unprofessional and disorganized that they lost my income documents 4 times. The agents are rude and condescending and always in too much of a hurry to answer questions. They just tell you what they think you want to hear. The supervisor, Bernard Burdias, will not take calls and never called me back after numerous... Read more

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In 2009 my husband gave me a Movado watch for my birthday, he was upset because I had no idea what Movado was ( I wish I still didn't) because they are fairly expensive watches. Well in 2012, after wearing this watch almost every day since recieving it, the battery finally died. We did not know any better, so my husband took the back off the watch to see what kind of battery we needed to get to replace it. I took the watch, the back, and the... Read more

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I was researching E-Cigarett's as a way to quit smoking. That being said, I found a website that was expounding the virtues of using E-Cigaretts as a safer alternative to smoking and a possible way to quit! The same site (which I personaly believe to be owned and operated by Regal Cig's) offered the company as a "saviour" which would send you a starter pack of everything you needed for only $4.95 S&H. After I ordered, I found link's... Read more

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They have these plastic cutting boards that they advertise to be bendable, so that you can bend it and easily pour your chopped, juliened, whatever-ed food into the bowl. Well, you probably want to chop it with your fingernails because if you use a regular knife, little shavings of plastic come off and go right into your food! What a health hazard!!! I mean, we are all worried about the small plastic molecules that come off of plastic water... Read more

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They approached us via marketing materials for business capital. We submitted all our documents to find out that they really have to idea on how to evaluate a business and the financials. Stay away, huge waste of time. I would advise a company to go the traditional way and go to the bank. They asked for many documents to only find out they they have no clue as to what a balance sheet is. They solely judge the company on tax returns. The worse... Read more

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