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I ordered 5 blueberry plants and paid them 78 dollars for them. Four looked bad from the get go. They said they would be fine. They lied. Four of them never even straightened up after being bent into a "U" shape in the shipping box. I planted them anyway, and this... Read more

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I have been trying to get the payoff on my house for 3 months,I'm on hold for 2 hrs at a time,when the rep from the call center finally answers,I get the wrong information,this has been going on twice a week for 3 months,how can I pay my last and final payment,if I... Read more

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I have had an account at a Edward Jones since 1995 but recently moved my account to another firm due to the fact that recently in the last few years I kept getting a new financial advisor. The last advisor that I had never contacted me. I just received a letter stating... Read more

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When I started to make extra payments to payoff loan early the payments don't post to account in timely manner, if an extra payment made to close to regular payment neither post and put account delinquent. Had to call to fix, not easy to do. Made final Payment 11/21... Read more

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I still have the $ 78.00 copy of the checked they cashed and was never sent anything . Nothing.. When i called to complain the dork dimeo told me he spent more than 78.00 dollars on breakfast,, what a gem! They do not take credit cards for a reason. Anthony is a... Read more

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i have had a issue with Ditech since may.. i made my payment online and they said it never went thru..They put a 30 day late on my credit report which dropped my score 138 points...Has this happened to any one else and did they remove the late for you. Thanks billie... Read more

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I got ripped off by lending club corporation for 1200 dollars they keep giving me the run around Read more

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I am a plumber working for roto-rooter and i will tell everyone the real truth behind this corporate rip off of a plumbing company. We do have flat rate pricing but we will not tell you how much it is over the phone because we charge way too much and if you have time... Read more

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I requested the amount I needed, in 10 minutes was emailed that my loan was 90% funded, within 24 hours I received a request of documents they needed ( pay stubs, Tax returns, etc) verified my bank account and email and within 5 days I received $28,000 into my bank... Read more

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We receive offers from Lending Club seemingly every single month through the mail. We normally ignore these offers but thought to apply as we were wishing to consolidate a few credit cards used for our business. Initially they indicate in their online account for you,... Read more

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