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How do you put into words someone that saved your life.?. Johnny The Healer is a beautiful soul and I’m soooo grateful for what he did for me. I was a prisoner in my own body and empty shell of a man. Just another controlled robot lost with my head down. I couldn’t... Read more

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Mynamenecklace - Terrible! AVOID!
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Me and the girlfriend each brought a bracelet for a family member for Christmas, both arrived separately with scuffs and scratches and in general terrible condition! silver was not real and the gift card that I paid extra for i probably could have made and printed... Read more

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My first MTB was missing the top dollar item. Seems like they will send me the missing item. I still canceled the subscription, it should be easy to make sure every item is in the box, that's what the whole company is about: put things in box, close box, ship box. ... Read more

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With Official Company Response

FashionMia can fashion me anytime. I liked what I saw on the website so I took a chance and placed an order. I am not one that orders a lot of merchandise online but I wanted the dresses that I saw. I was very happy with quick timeframe on the shipping. When I... Read more

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I have been a customer for over 10 years and my contract is coming up and spoke to your folks about what they could do to keep me. I spoke to my local cable company and get a apple for apples price. I call your company and a young lady said she would help me. This is... Read more

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I needed to pay off my loan at Freedom Mortgage by the end of August. I ended up so frustrated with them that I wanted to bang my head against a wall. They lost my fax to request payoff and the employee acted like it was my fault. The fax process takes up to 72 hours.... Read more

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Stopped into BWM with a burning oil smell coming from my ford fusion. The staff was very accommodating getting my car in right away. The waiting room was comfortable and very clean. The technicians looked at my car and gave me a detailed explanation as to the issues i... Read more

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Have spend 30 hours attempting to get resolution from a hacked account. After following their guidance at every step. After they moved my account they decided to put a permanent ban on my account. This was clearly based on actions taken the Hackers - different IPs... Read more

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I placed a large and expensive order almost a month ago and even paid for shipping. The items were supposed to be shipped within 3-5 business days. It has been more than 15 business days excluding the weekends. I have even paid off the credit card bill used to pay for... Read more

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Have to say the last two years has been frustrating buying from a company that has let themselves go. They should stop sending me overpriced unnecessary catalogs with huge pool items two times a week and put the money back into the company service. I don't own a pool.... Read more

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