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Time Warner Cable - HORRIBLE CALLED TO ORDER SERVICE FOR INTERNET AND PHONE ONLY! CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT AGENT IS SAYING SINCE THEY BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH! TOOK THE ORDER FOR THE... BBT Bank - Holding a check because they can 1.0 My husband has been out of work for over 10 weeks due to a back injury. We have been fighting with CIGNA to get his short term disability and have... Hgtv - Tv Show Review from Southport, North Carolina I am so sick and tired of the "flipping" shows that I have just about stopped watching HGTV. Why oh why don't they bring back shows that show how... Camping World - FALSE ADVERTISING 1.0 We were in the market for a new Motor home. Camping world in Marion NC advertised the exact one that my wife and I were looking for. I called to talk... Pnc Bank - Taking money out of money market savings account I have used PNC bank for many years, and had always been happy with their service, until now. We recently moved out of state, and decided to stay... Lowes Customer Care Review from Southport, North Carolina Poor service. Waited about 30 minutes to talk to someone in Building Projects. Just one guy at the desk where people do all sorts of time consuming... Fantastic Sams - Hair Coloring Review from Southport, North Carolina 1.0 I asked for a full head of color in the golden brown I currently had . I walked out 3 hours later with ORANGE hair. No wonder no one was in the... Bait And Switch At Food Lion Last week they had a sale on pork chops. I bought a family package of boned in that looked real good.. But when I got home and opened the package I f...