Carmax loves to market itself as not a traditional dealer, well NOTHING could be further from the truth. Here is the deal when you visit a Carmax. If you get a vehicle appraised there is a nice little feature called ACR (Appraisal Cost Recovery)that they will not... Read more

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I see there are TONS of people upset because this one particular quest within the DLC has a glitch wherein you cannot defeat Miraak, which essentially stalls the game. There are message boards where players have attempted ways around the glitch, some have managed it,... Read more

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This is the first and so far only Subway I've been to that cuts the already cut vegetables before putting them on your sandwich. I was floored! Times are hard but GOOD GRIEF! Serve the food the way it is advertised! I was a frequent customer until then (11/28/2011).... Read more

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I will voice a complaint with the attorney general office in my state and encourage others to do the same. I ordered the buy one get one set advertised in their info commercial. They only sent one set and when I called I was told that I would be responsible for paying... Read more

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In what should be a boring forum, where people only talk about scammers and post links to the bad guys out there, we are very disturbed to find out that there is oddly ALOT of drama on the forums. Alot of deleted posts and posters trying to stir the pot, on what is... Read more

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I will never go to this place again. I stopped by after work and within 3 minutes, I knew I would be placing a complaint. An employee dropped the knife she was using to slice sandwiches. The manager took it from her and RINSED it at the sink-- then GAVE IT BACK to her.... Read more

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American Income Life's reply to:

Thank you for letting us know of your experience. While much of what you describe is not associated with our Company, our Agents do earn commission. This offers our Agents unlimited earning potential. Read more

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I paid in advance for a Conference ticket on Nov 2015 for Conference being held April 2016. I paid $236.84 (charged to my credit card) and I am not able to attend due to work conflict. I was told by consultant to cancel it to free ticket up for someone else to... Read more

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On June 23, 2007, we hired Always Perfect Studios Photography for photography services for our wedding in November 2007 in NY. We hired them at the David's Bridal Store in Westbury, NY. We paid a $2,929.66 fee in three payments of $976.55, $976.55, and $976.56 on... Read more

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As a current rental sales employee of this company, it has to be one of the biggest inside company theft scheme Ive ever seen. It starts with the companies policy and training to the sales employees where you have to follow this "wheel of success" which not only rips... Read more

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