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The Wall Street Journal - Would not refund my $35 when I wanted to cancel my subscription I wanted out and they wouldn't refund me my automated billing.
They have strung me along for years by offering reduced rates
in subscription servic...
Amazon - Customer NO service 1.9 I purchased a tablet back in December of 2015 and a Square Trade extended warranty. Now that the WI-FI has stopped working and went to make a claim on... Cook Out - Payment 3.2 My family and i went to cookout over a month ago and to my surprise they took the money out today..why is there such a delay in submitting payment and... Advance Auto Parts - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE 3.9 On a trip grocery store run I came back to my truck finding that my starter had decided to die while the kids and I were in the store. Immediately,... Poshmark - SCAMMED ON POSH 1.0 ORDERED TOP 8 DAYS AGO AND NOW SELLER IS NOT RESPONDING. FORTUNATELY I USE PAYPAL AND AM CANCELING MY ORDER AND GETTING MY MONEY BACK. THIS SITE IS... Fashionmia - Refund 1.0 I had ordered an item but cancelled my order back in February and emailed the company to tell them to cancel and they did but I have yet to receive... Bedding Inn - Wish I had seen reviews :(... 1.0 I placed and paid for my order on 1/31/2016. I have sent three messages and all go unanswered. I want to know where my stuff is. I ordered 5 things... Everlast Generators - Reputable? I ordered the Power iMIG 205 from their website and paid with PayPal on 18 Feb. Received UPS shipment notification the next day with an estimated...