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Lenox Corporation - Bad Outdated Online Ordering System and Customer Service 1.0 I am very disappointed with LENOX.COM online ordering system and their customer service. On Sunday November 6, 2016 I placed an order online large eno... Gateway One Lending - Rude & Harassing Reps Called my house 2 times within 2 minutes . The first time i was very polite and told them the person they wanted was not available and asked if i coul... Universal Mania - Cva Gun Scope Review from Newland, North Carolina 1.8 I ordered a CVA Bushnell Sharpshooter scope for CVA Muzzleloader rifle. What I received was the CVA kronus scope package instead this package does... Exede - Viasat Internet Service Review from Newland, North Carolina 1.0 The sales people will outright lie to you in order to make a sale! I knew immediately that the service was horrible buffering and interrupted. After... Ups - Delivery Service Review from Newland, North Carolina 2.4 UPS sucks!!!! We've always got deliveries right to our door from USPS and UPS...we are 1/2 mile off the road. We have been expecting 2 deliveries and... Opticsfast - 1.0 In March of this year, a propane space heater exploded and melted my eyeglasses (I had 2nd degree burns). The plastic which connects the temple to... North American Fishing Club - Where's my magazines? 1.5 I've been a life member for 18 years. I've bought 100's of dollars worth of books and gear from na fisherman and now nothing.
you sent me a mail a few years ago making sure I was still alive to keep getting my magazines but since that time y'all have gone down hill.
Allegiant Air Flight Attendant Review from Newland, North Carolina ALLEGIANT AIRLINES, flight 832, August 4, from Clearwater to Knoxville:
My emotional support animal "Howard" had an accident in his crate - it was just a small bit, the size of my palm as he is a 6lb Siamese cat.