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Banfield Pet Hospital - Worst ever experience with a vet 1.1 Banfield should advertise that they have incompetent veterinarians who can't manage pets with any issues outside of vaccines and dental care. I have... Vivint - Vivinit 1.0 We wanted to add more security to our house like the self locking key, doorbell mirror and another whole building. We have wonderful security here... Cook Out - Sweet tea brewed with tobacco mixed in with tea 3.4 On several occasions my daughter has complained that the cookout near our house has tea that tastes like it was brewed with cigarettes I honestly... Vivint - Help!!! I need out! 1.0 So I started with Vivint a week and a half ago and the guys told me he'd be back in a couple days to see how it was going and that if we didn't like... Sams Club - Chicken breast....Jan 2017 5.0 have been buying chicken breast from Sam's Club for years...current batch was tough, texture chewy, quality unacceptable....Live 35 miles away on an... Speedway Gas Station - Cleanliness about the slushy machine..... 4.8 Today is Nov. 18, 2016. My Neice and I went to the speedway station in Jacksonville, NC. Shore # 8289 to get some drinks for us. She got pop/Sosa... Anderson Trucking - Vehicle Driver Review from Jacksonville, North Carolina Truck speeding on I95 near Fredericksburg VA 9:34 PM Sunday 11/7. Riding left hand lane marked no commercial vehicles. Riding bumpers of all cars... State Farm Insurance - Miserable customer service 1.0 Your customer service is miserable and your inability to resolve issues is even worst, your agents blame the company and the company blames the...