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Harris Teeter - Publix invasion 4.8 Totally disappointed with customer service team at copoorate. I consider myself a longtime and faithful ht customer. New Publix had just opened and... Wellington Advisors - Pissed Off at Church Street 1.0 I am a military widow and a disabled Veteran. I am also on a fixed income. I am planning on taking this issue as far as I can take it, including... Aqua America - Water turned off and bill jacked up an extra $124.83 1.0 These idiots just turned off my water even though they never gave me a turn off notice my bill was $93 and I called to pay the balance while the... Natuzzi Leather sofa - Failed cushion 2.0 We purchased a Natuzzi leather love seat about 10 years ago. It has provided many years of great comfort and has stood up to wear and tear. I... Natuzzi - Disreputible Quality & Customer Service 1.5 I purchased a Natuzzi leather sectional 18 months ago from Macy's, the salesman told me it came with a 10 year warranty, checked online saw warranty... Stdregistry - Website Review from High Point, North Carolina 1.0 Std registry is an extortion site. Nothing on it is real. The site owner simply posts pics and lies. He even adds fake people as commentors. Its all... Hooters - Customer Care Review from High Point, North Carolina I went to the Hooters in High Point NC, and waited at the front for 5 minutes to be seated. The business was not even busy. The bar maybe had 15 peopl... With Official Company Response Sleep Number - Classic Bed Review from High Point, North Carolina 1.2 I bought my sleep number 10 years ago and around the 8 year mark the center of the bed started sagging. I first thought it was the pillow top so I...