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Dish Network - Internet Service Review from Havelock, North Carolina 1.6 My name is Patricia Jenks it all started when I moved they had told me I was going to be charged $100 for the move which I was not happy about and... Bookoo - Advertisement Review from Havelock, North Carolina 1.0 I posted a babysitting ad on bookoo because I am a stay at home mother of 3 kids and wanted to make extra money. The title was parents must read and... Sitelock - Horrible Service and Customer Rep I just called Sitelock and requested a manager to call me back and rep said they want to know why. I told them I really don't want to go into the... BBT Bank - BBT overdraft fees 2.1 If you get less than $20 in your account (and some of us struggle to keep that amount in there) you will see a strange type of transaction... Lowes - Installation Review from Havelock, North Carolina The latest, bought carpet for bedroom. Paid to have old carpet and padding removed. Waited 3 weeks and at 3:00pm the installer cancelled. Called... Carmike Cinemas Prepaid Tickets Review from Havelock, North Carolina Waiting in lines for prepaid tickets. Then, waiting inline for snacks. All, with 1 employee is bad management. Thiught youd want to know. Dont want... Directv - Account Review from Havelock, North Carolina 1.7 Same thing happened to me and a complete rip off! I have done the same thing with Time Warner and actually had their equipment for a year. When I... Qvc - Balsam hill Christmas Tree Last year we ordered a Balsam Hill Tree from QVC. Box came, when we opened Turkey day with family; both boxes containing same item. QVC was not will...