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I have tried unsubscribing from DR OZ SPAM and bulk emails that promote the DR OZ SHOW and other DR OZ products and services. I even went online to the DR OZ SHOW website to ask for help in stopping these emails. After about two weeks, I am tired of complaining to... Read more

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Thank you for your information concerning Omega XL. We value your business. We have thousands of satisfied customers and should you need any additional service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-488-8082. Read more

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I ordered the pillow after watching the commercials about a hundred times! (It is all over TV) I wanted to believe it, so I gave it a try. It is the worst ever. My pillows from the Dollar General and cost next to nothing for 2, far out performs this thing. The... Read more

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Sona Medspa - ➨➨➨ Spona Med Spa Butchers ➨➨➨
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➨➨➨ PLEASE READ ➨➨➨ I am going to other sites that allow photo posting for reviews to post them as well to show the butchery of this corporation. If you look online more, you will find that it is unbelievable! The Cary, NC Branch has even less experience than the... Read more

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Last Friday went to Aarons on Yanceyville Street to get computer. Had to fill out paperwork again since it had been a while. When done, had to wait over 5 minutes for someone to take my forms, while 5 employees, all black except one Hispanic, laughed and joked around.... Read more

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Eagle Equipment has some good products but once something breaks you are completely on your own. We purchased a new Tire mounting and balancing machines from Eagle and the balancing machine broke after two weeks of use. They did ship us a new circuit board for us to... Read more

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Ever since the old management that actually cared about people was replaced and a lot of the good employees left because of this the store has been going downhill. Empty shelves ,products that you need every week just gone. Sears took there focus off of people and put...

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after being approved for 4000,dollars I went in to purchase a stove,we ask if they did price match,answer was yes,,,Lowes had exact same stove for 100.00 dollars less they would not honar the price match after first saying numbers didn't match...ohh but we got that... Read more

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Seven years ago I had a 5 vertebrae Fusion with 4 discs replaced. Two days after discharge, my right side lumbar 5 screw cracked the vertebrae. I have used Lidocaine patches on a daily basis all of these seven years. They have been a great help in me staying mobile and... Read more

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I used the All My Sons Moving and Storage out of Greensboro, NC October 2016. They came and packed me up and loaded the truck on a Friday and then came the next day to pick up my bed and move me to Charlotte, NC. They some how lost multiple boxes and took my ladder. I... Read more

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