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Thank you for your information concerning Omega XL. We value your business. We have thousands of satisfied customers and should you need any additional service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-488-8082. Read more

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I have tried unsubscribing from DR OZ SPAM and bulk emails that promote the DR OZ SHOW and other DR OZ products and services. I even went online to the DR OZ SHOW website to ask for help in stopping these emails. After about two weeks, I am tired of complaining to... Read more

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Until last Friday I had an auto loan with citifinancial, I paid via bank draft and was never once late. On 09/03/2010 all of the citifinancial auto loans were sold to Santander Consumer USA. I wasn't notified by anyone, the only way I found out was by realizing my car... Read more

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After leasing a tv. I moved, payment was set up for draft. Aaron's faxed numerous copies of lease to my job, posted their flyers at my job, called people I didn't list as a reference at my kid's daycare and my job and gave all of my buiness. Then the... Read more

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Bought a brand new 2011 Winnebago VIA Motorhome from Tom Johnson in Concord NC. July 2011. From the 1st day it had issues (just the beginning of what would be our continuous Winnebago Via Nightmare !) Dealer told us it was just a dead battery. They were to get it... Read more

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Workout Anytime in Greensboro, NC has all of the potential amenities to be a great gym. They have the 24/7 access, a hydromassage, and tanning all for a great price but the atmosphere is a deal breaker. I spent 1 month working out here before I quit and never went... Read more

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I ordered the pillow after watching the commercials about a hundred times! (It is all over TV) I wanted to believe it, so I gave it a try. It is the worst ever. My pillows from the Dollar General and cost next to nothing for 2, far out performs this thing. The... Read more

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Sona Medspa - ➨➨➨ Spona Med Spa Butchers ➨➨➨
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➨➨➨ PLEASE READ ➨➨➨ I am going to other sites that allow photo posting for reviews to post them as well to show the butchery of this corporation. If you look online more, you will find that it is unbelievable! The Cary, NC Branch has even less experience than the... Read more

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This was my experience recently. Luckily I did not send any money. And I did get my credits back. But, now it is the principal. This kind of behavior should be stopped. Auction 1 ended on: Chain Feather Leaf Tassels Dangle Ear Cuff LadyWrestler (2) 100% You have 579... Read more

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My husband and I bought a Sealy Posturpedic mattress set from the Mattress Firm and 1 month after we bought it, it began to sag in the middle and tilt frontwards. I told my husband, this isn't the same mattress I tested in the showroom! Whoever reads this BEWARE!... Read more

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