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Terminix - Pushy technicians. 2.1 A word of warning: Terminex is not a company I will be doing business with anymore. This is the most recent feedback I have left in regards to their... All My Sons Moving And Storage - Bad experience 1.0 Bad experience. I was told that their crews could load and unload in the same day due to only moving 85 miles. The estimater Nick assured me if this.... Ultratan - Won't refund my money. 1.0 So I went in today to renew my membership of which I never tanned in June so the girl told me I owed $75 of which I paid then after the $75 was... Shipping & Handling adds a LOT to the PRICE of buying Tupperware 1.8 I bought these 4 plastic classic drinking cups because they are what we used when I was a kid (over 50 years ago) and when the girl ordered them I... Portrait Innovations - Customer Care Review from Gastonia, North Carolina 1.5 What a terrible experience! I wound up walking out of the studio empty handed. The woman was rude and claimed the offer I had in my hand was no... Discovery Benefits - ITS MY MONEY! 1.3 I had a claim that the service date was from last year. I just received the bill because of insurance denials, etc. I am now responsible for the bal... Metlife will not pay short term disability 1.0 I have been told by 2 doctors I am not able to work due to anxiety, stress, and depression. My pschyciatrist recommended that I be out of work at... Cook Out - Combo Meal Review from Gastonia, North Carolina I place an order at cookout #7442 on Union road in Gastonia, NC, last night and order 2 one tray i order the 1/4 lb burger, fries, and...