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I bought these 4 plastic classic drinking cups because they are what we used when I was a kid (over 50 years ago) and when the girl ordered them I had to pay $15.00 for the cups, Tax of $1.56 (which I expected) and then $4.50 for shipping and handling and this total of... Read more

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Driving down County Line Rd Lakeland where their shipping center is in our International and one of their rigs comes screaming across in front of us we had to lock them up and burn our rubber to stop !!!! You hire drivers that don't care about our lives if they want to... Read more

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camping world in statesville, nc wanted to have it transported to IN, so the headache is out of their hands.. at my expense most likey. my brother bought a Highland camper, floor, roof are lifetime..and all corner beams inside are sealed... mine just pop off.. *** i... Read more

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I sold fence for him for 3 months Mar-May 2016.. Now I have people wanting my HIDE. Sold several jobs where I had to get a deposit. He SCREWED EVERYBODY but one. He even screwed MY SON out of 1,300.00. Him and his wife are in this together, they slipped out in the... Read more

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What a terrible experience! I wound up walking out of the studio empty handed. The woman was rude and claimed the offer I had in my hand was no longer available. The coupon said it was valid until 10-30 (it's 10-27) and i called the day before to make sure it would... Read more

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I had a claim that the service date was from last year. I just received the bill because of insurance denials, etc. I am now responsible for the balance of $349. NO problem because I have my flex spending balance of over $700 to cover it. NO! It is being denied... Read more

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This apartment complex is absolutely horrible! Infested with roaches, bedbugs and mold! The place has gotten new management and on the surface all looks okay but the maintenance is horrible and doesn't want to fix anything properly or believe there is an issue. They... Read more

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YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! LIES ...BAD SERVICE..WRONG PRODUCT...AT LEAST 60 DAYS LATE ...AND THEN WRONG PRODUCT!! AND THEN ANOTHER TRUCK...WITH WRONG PRODUCT....never ending nightmare...and Customer Care is a joke...Owner is rude and could care less about your... Read more

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My husband and I started renting a living room suite from them in November 2015. They told us they DON'T report to credit buerau. The total cost of furniture was $2700. We always paid on time. In feb 2016 we went and got a bedroom suite from them with a total cost of... Read more

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We had CPI for 9 years at our former residence, never, ever one time late. A year ago, they called us with a special, a camera for an additional $14.99 a month. Over the phone, we agreed, it sounded good. We moved last month, informed them beforehand so they could... Read more

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