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I applied for advance loan and was denied. Due to credit rating; but rating has been the same for the past 5 years. I have been with H&R Block for 12 years and have applied for the advance loans for the past 3 years. Many are looking forward to these loans especially during the holidays. I can imagine how many others that has been turned down at a time of need. Two other friends of mine were denied also. I will not continue to deal with them at... Read more

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I ordered $624.49 worth of parts for my 2000 Excursion. I received 2 wheel bearings. Every other part, aka 9 other parts; all separately shipped, never came. When I called the customer service # the first time; they rudely told me that it was a shipping error and there was nothing he could do about it. After I told him I just wanted my parts that I had paid for over 3 weeks ago. He told me there was nothing he could do, nor was he interested in... Read more

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I worked at a bank for several years. I quit that job because I wasn't going anywhere with promotions. I applied at BB&T because I was told "There's Opportunity Here" was not only for customers, and I got the job. From day one I hated it. To begin, upper management was more worried about paying over time then customer service. At times we had one teller running both the front and the drive thru. It amazed me that the... Read more

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Made all 30 payments on loan. When receiving loan I was blatantly lied to about taking out insurance on my brand new car with max insurance already in place. I was lied to about having to use my vehicle as collateral. Out of a 2,745.34 loan these crooks charged me 1,034.27 for bogus insurance assuring me that if I brought my policy in it would be refunded. Brought in policy and was laughed at. I was told the guy lied. Too bad for you. So, I... Read more

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I bought the large dispenser and 8 filters in October 2015. So far the water is great! After reading these reviews today, I'm seriously hoping whatever quality control issue is apparently happening with the filters will be resolved before I need to order more. I am experiencing another issue with the filters I have not yet seen mentioned - they get very slow and virtually stop working after about 10 gallons! Today, I finally figured out that if... Read more

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Before folks register at Find a Grave website, you should understand that they are not concerned with accurate records - They are merely just another inaccurate Mormon data base. Plus each person needs to understand that the contributors on that site are very troubled individuals - These folks do nothing but complain and argue with each other constantly - The Find a Grave website is just poorly setup and no one needs to be able to claim dead... Read more

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Mercruiser - Horrible new boat engine caught on fire!
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We purchased our Stringray boat new with a Mercruiser engine. The first week we had it the engine took on water, almost filling the compartment and swamping the engine ... we would have sank. We limped back to the ramp and were able to get it out of the water. It was missing a bolt and the others were loose. Within a few months we had another issue with the engine that required warranty work. THEN, with the engine with less than 100 hours... Read more

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I've had 2 moving experiences with Pack and Load: the first move was exceptional, the second was horrendous --- thus, the 3 stars. First move from MD to NC in 2013 - PODS recommended P&L and the movers that loaded us did a fabulous job! They carefully wrapped all of our furniture and loaded it as if it was their own grandmother's antiques. The unloaders in NC also did a great job. Both sets of movers were efficient and professional. So, we... Read more

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I was hired on at Oreillys Auto Parts on 3/2/2011 as a retail sales position. To be hired at this position I needed to pass a 3 year background which I did. During the few months I worked their I was offered the Assistant manager position considering that I was ASE certified knew all the local commercial accounts, many customers and I was a store with Advance Auto Parts for 6 years. So with all that said I just needed to take a more extensive... Read more

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I have a $15.95 charge on my phone bill (Embarq) from OAN Services, Inc.. This is the second time this has occurred. I have spoken with my phone company both times, to which they replied with a number to call OAN. The service added was for something called "Streaming Radio". I called OAN and was put on hold forever. Then was switched to a "leave a message" answering machine. I don't even know what "Streaming... Read more

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