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I ordered $624.49 worth of parts for my 2000 Excursion. I received 2 wheel bearings. Every other part, aka 9 other parts; all separately shipped, never came. When I called the customer service # the first time; they rudely told me that it was a shipping error and... Read more

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Mercruiser - Horrible new boat engine caught on fire!
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We purchased our Stringray boat new with a Mercruiser engine. The first week we had it the engine took on water, almost filling the compartment and swamping the engine ... we would have sank. We limped back to the ramp and were able to get it out of the water. It... Read more

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I've had 2 moving experiences with Pack and Load: the first move was exceptional, the second was horrendous --- thus, the 3 stars. First move from MD to NC in 2013 - PODS recommended P&L and the movers that loaded us did a fabulous job! They carefully wrapped all... Read more

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I purchased my biennial week in Sept 2009 and have onle got to use it once when I have tried,tried and tried some more to book rooms but can never get them and the one time I did get a room I called to book 2 rooms at my home resort, and they said they only had one... Read more

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The are Horrible! Don't waste your time nor money. And make sure if you call Sears for service you asked them "NOT" to send a A & E Factory Service technician. They are not experts!!! I called Sears for a repair on my Samsung Refrigerator and the sent a A & E Factory... Read more

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I updated a phone 5 months go and was happy with phone but insurance did not cancel when old phone was turned. We have a number of phones and noticed a reoccurring charge and called to to find out which phone it was and it was a dead phone from 5 months they did... Read more

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State Farm just want your money. I had hail and wind damage to my roof and State Farm told me who to call and the guy said I needed a new roof. State Farm didn't like the guy answer so they sent out another guy. Then the claims guy came Mr Josh Richardson never got on... Read more

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Wow, similar situation. I called to increase my internet speed. I had a horrible experience with the 2 different people I talked to about my options. Basically, I'm paying $64 a month for 10meg, and they said it would be $10 more a month for 20meg, plus I would have... Read more

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The ladies that work at ace in Wilson NC are great. They are always helpful and polite. I have seen the now hiring sign there and considered applying. I am very qualified to do the job but I don't think they make enough for the verbal assaults they endure regularly. I... Read more

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I cancelled my Dish service today after many years of service. They tried to talk me out of leaving by offering me the Hopper for free for the first year. They said they could reduce my bill by 60.00 per month but then they told me it would go up after a year. In other... Read more

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