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Rodan and Fields - Rodan & Fields Facebook Stalking 1.1 I want to keep the drumbeat going related to Rodan & Fields and Facebook stalking (and, a few other items). A few months ago I had to block block a... Public Moving Services - Scam Company 1.1 I tried to contact them about issues prior to my pick up of my property. They wouldn't answer any phone calls, or emails. After speaking with Phyllis... Pizza Hut - Vary not cool 2.0 I got a 20.00 meal deal 2 pizzas cheese stixs and pasta i say light sauce to give me no sauce I ate one of the pizzas in it after the other picture... RingCentral - SCAM!! 1.0 This is a contract you can never escape from. They will keep charging you for their shitty service no matter what. We had them for about three years... Retirement Clearinghouse - Thiefs I got a notice about a small 401k balance "Welcome to RCH Shareholder Services". . .balance has been rolled over to an IRA with RCH in your name."... Hometeam Pest Defense - Complete incompetence 1.9 I pay annually December for the following calendar year. In 2017 they started billing me quarterly. I literally called them 27 times trying to get an... White House Black Market - NEVER WILL I GO IN THIS STORE AGAIN Yesterday 9-20-17, I went into the Blakney's White House Black Market, and again I felt so uncomfortable. This is my second time going into this... Mellow Mushroom - VERY UPSET OVER SIZE CHANGE FOR GLUTEN FREE CRUST We always eat at Mellow for the Gluten free pizza options. Always Bragg over how great it is... NOT ANYMORE!!!! NOT HAPPY WITH NEW PERSONAL SIZE...