I got a loan from Lending Club June 2014. Set up draft on my checking account. Things had been fine. In May I was my local Wells Fargo branch on a non-finance matter, but my personal bankers asked I was paying in credit card and finance loan debt a month. They... Read more

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Wall & Associates is committed to customer satisfaction and helping our clients put their tax problems behind them. We have helped countless taxpayers resolve their debts and move on with a clean slate. In addressing any tax controversy it is important to understand... Read more

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My house is 6 1/2 years old. Now I have a leak in the roof. How does a newer home have a roof leak? When I contacted Pulte to come look at it I was told I have no warranty and that all expenses were mine. Don't most roofs have some sort of warranty for at least 20... Read more

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My original loan was with Chase and I made all of my payments on time. My loan was sold to these fools. I want to apply for the program Making Homes Afforable and they were clueless. The rude person on the phone went to the websit for Chase to see what I was referring... Read more

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I don't know why Facebook won't ban Rodan & Fields consultants from stalking friends, not friends and family. What is funny/sad is that the posts are "formula" posts and all say the same thing about their journey to "get out of their comfort zone" and sell skin care... Read more

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I got a new puppy. She was 7 weeks old and covered in fleas. Being so young my first instinct was to give her a bath. Well, three later and she still had fleas so I called Banfield. I have 4 other pets on the wellness plan and had her scheduled to be as well. She was... Read more

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I placed an order in May 2015. Here we are in August 2016 and I still have not received two items. I've emailed customer service numerous times and they said there was a huge back order. Well I waited patiently, and then decide to go on the website to find that they... Read more

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All of our special promotional packages are subsidized up to 77% by the participating resorts, and it is ultimately the decision of the resort to determine whether or not a guest is qualified to participate in the promotional package being offered. Unfortunately, the... Read more

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I received a post card in the mail with the only unique identification on it was the phone number: 1-800-221-3099. The card said: ---------------------------- Featuring Major US Airlines Fly the US Skies Claim: 2 Roundtrip Airfares CONGRATULATIONS Claim Number: (7... Read more

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After deciding to buy a new Standard Pacific home, my wife and I were enticed into using Standard Pacific Mortgage for our home loan. Though we had already received pre-approval from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, with whom we had the loan for our previous home, "StanPac"... Read more

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