Well, my girlfriend heard this infomercial on the radio about a weight loss product and asked me to buy it. She told me they would give you a $100 Walmart gift card for trying the product. The product is called Final Trim and when you call the number you don't talk to a real person. An automated machine guides you through the buying steps. They send you a 30 days supply for $7.95 and in order for you to get the $100 Walmart gift card you... Read more

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Wall & Associates is committed to customer satisfaction and helping our clients put their tax problems behind them. We have helped countless taxpayers resolve their debts and move on with a clean slate. In addressing any tax controversy it is important to understand that our office must follow all established guidelines with the IRS and any state taxing authorities we represent a client for. Our office’s primary goal in any case is getting a... Read more

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My husband and i were approved for $3500.00 with the Rooms To Go Credit Card through GE Money Bank. When we decide to purchase the furniture we chose, they tell us our total was $3528.50 but we could only finance $2800.00 of it on the credit card b/c of the economic standings! why get approved for a credit card if you cant finance the whole amount?! plus we were told we had to put 20% DOWN!!! but if you read in their ad it says that there are no... Read more

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I got a loan from Lending Club June 2014. Set up draft on my checking account. Things had been fine. In May I was my local Wells Fargo branch on a non-finance matter, but my personal bankers asked I was paying in credit card and finance loan debt a month. They offered a personal debt consolidation loan at a good rate ; reducing my monthly lay out. Lending Club Corp. was one of the payees. There was a "pay off" amount shown on my on-line... Read more

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Moved out of my residence in September 2010, requested return boxes for the equipment i had. Never received anything. Called a second and third time, never received boxes. Finally, was told to bring boxes to a UPS center to send them back. I did so and 3 months after, I get a bill from Verizon for $954!!!!!!!!!!! for unreturned equipement. I have made dozens of calls to them at this point, provided the tracking number every single time, yet... Read more

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My original loan was with Chase and I made all of my payments on time. My loan was sold to these fools. I want to apply for the program Making Homes Afforable and they were clueless. The rude person on the phone went to the websit for Chase to see what I was referring to. I will file a complanit with The North Carolina Commissioner of Banks and File a complaint with the BBB. Any complaint that can be filed with your states commissioner of banks... Read more

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I had the unfortunate experience of working for the unprofessional zoo known as NCO Financial Systems Inc. They are the absolute reason for all my years in the collection business to stear clear of collection agencies. To all consumers/debtors contacted by NCO Financial take heed: VERIFY your debt, you have 30 days from the placement date under the FDCPA to verify or dispute also to make arrangements to pay. Become familiar with the laws, know... Read more

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My house is 6 1/2 years old. Now I have a leak in the roof. How does a newer home have a roof leak? When I contacted Pulte to come look at it I was told I have no warranty and that all expenses were mine. Don't most roofs have some sort of warranty for at least 20 years? I did contactt eh vendor who put the roof on the house but they said they did not deal with Pulte anymore so I was on my own. I don't even know if it is the roof but at... Read more

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I was shopping for living room furniture and stopped in Rooms to Go in Charlotte NC on Independence Blvd. Had a good experience at first but went all down hill from there. I have spent about $12K in this location for other rooms in my home. When looking around I found the furniture that I wanted but did not buy it the 1st day there. I went back 4 times before buying because i was trying to figure out if I should do the "Free TV package" or not.... Read more

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I don't know why Facebook won't ban Rodan & Fields consultants from stalking friends, not friends and family. What is funny/sad is that the posts are "formula" posts and all say the same thing about their journey to "get out of their comfort zone" and sell skin care products, etc. My high school friend who lives in Indiana sells Rodan & Fields and makes her life out to be so wonderful and lucrative when anyone who knows her has knowledge this... Read more

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