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I recently had to block a long-time friend of mine who lives in Seymour Indiana because every post revolves around selling Rodan Fields. Facebook should not allow MLM's to sell on personal pages. Preying on friends and family is disgraceful. I'll never buy the... Read more

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Wall & Associates is committed to customer satisfaction and helping our clients put their tax problems behind them. We have helped countless taxpayers resolve their debts and move on with a clean slate. In addressing any tax controversy it is important to understand... Read more

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I have played real cash poker for ten years. I have played the Playtika Wsop poker for two years. I see more 3 card flops with pairs, flushes and straights in an hour than I see in 100 hours of real poker. This is statistically impossible. The deal is totally... Read more

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I don't know why Facebook won't ban Rodan & Fields consultants from stalking friends, not friends and family. What is funny/sad is that the posts are "formula" posts and all say the same thing about their journey to "get out of their comfort zone" and sell skin care... Read more

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I placed an order in May 2015. Here we are in August 2016 and I still have not received two items. I've emailed customer service numerous times and they said there was a huge back order. Well I waited patiently, and then decide to go on the website to find that they... Read more

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I got a loan from Lending Club June 2014. Set up draft on my checking account. Things had been fine. In May I was my local Wells Fargo branch on a non-finance matter, but my personal bankers asked I was paying in credit card and finance loan debt a month. They... Read more

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My original loan was with Chase and I made all of my payments on time. My loan was sold to these fools. I want to apply for the program Making Homes Afforable and they were clueless. The rude person on the phone went to the websit for Chase to see what I was referring... Read more

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Sofa Mart - Furniture Row Barracuda Couch very poor design, warranty lies!
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On December 29th 2012, I bought the Baracuda Sectional from Furniture Row on 8215 Ikea Blvd Charlotte NC, 28262. I was persuaded by the sales representative to purchase the 5 year warranty for an extra $99. The representative said that the warranty covered everything... Read more

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Here's the catch with NACA... 1. NACA does not abide to your purchase contract closing date.... OH and they make this CLEAR after you make an offer to the seller just for the ole' fun of it.. Awwww....Isn't that so nice and considerate to the buyer and seller. It's... Read more

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Lazboy - 3 year old Lazyboy Reese Electric Recliner Sofa headed to the Dump today
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Today we finally dumped the worse piece of furniture we ever owned. It was a piece of *** after a year, bubbled, cracked peeled and even with the extended warranty and many emails and letters, only thing that was done was to send a replacement foot rest. They claimed... Read more

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