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Bloomex Flowers - Funeral Flowers Never Received 1.0 Ordered flowers for my nephews funeral. It was a hard day for the family and I ended up on the phone for an hour with Bloomex only to find out the... Bloomex Flowers - Scammed by Bloomex Bloomex was not a positive experience for me. I ordered online to what I thought was Kemptville Florist, but there was a crossover and my order went... Walmart - Review in Supermarkets and Malls category from Saint John's, Newfoundland And Labrador 1.3 Walmart sucks.there managers or at least 90 percent of them are idiots ..there slogan is save money / live better that is so false there products... People Magazine - World's most beautiful women is a lie 2.3 I am more beautiful than these bimbo spoiled celebrities
You hav 'nt seen every women in the world

I am very beautiful
and you act as if these are the only beautiful women around...
Easyhome - Not HAPPY I have been a loyal customer of easyhome for years but im not anymore once the items if have are paid off i will never again go to eayhome and i will... Right guard xtreme when using falling out in chunks big pieces 5.0 hi; i but right guard all my life i am 88 year old when i use it it all comes out in big pieces i paid 6 dollars for it at wal mart columbia drive... Easyhome Loan Sharks in disguise and staff off the wall 1.0 Recently i have purchased a used laptop from then at $9.10 a week .. Due to a family emergency had to leavo the province . I have been harrassed and... Restaurant Furniture Canada - Worst Customer service ever!! STAY AWAY 2.3 I bought over $17,000 US. worth of restaurant booths and tables from this bunch. The product was poorly designed and made. The backs of the booths...