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I'm going to keep bringing this up anywhere I can. I heard Zoom Tan is being sued for this junk because it has happened like 40 times and they've not done anything to prevent it. Because of their cheapness, their salons have short little walls that make it easy for... Read more

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We bought a brand new Jayco (2017) last October. From the beginning the coach was problematic. Every time it went into the shop, it took an eternity to get parts and repair. We had 2 significant leaks in the coach that isn't ever supposed to leak. The bunk above the... Read more

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How many of you have been having poor service such as internet,tv pixels,phone by time warner/spectrum? you never get compensated for lack of service or outage or your to upset to report it? Well i think and hope a Lawyer can come up with a class action law suit to... Read more

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pepsi was on sale . buy 2 get 2 free . i bought 4 and was charged 6.99 each . 27.96 for 4, 8 packs of pepsi . its sells 3 for 11 most of the time . tops got me for 14 dollars if they did that to 1000 people tops got 14,000 dollars by stealing from us . i have never... Read more

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There were restrictions on fragrances that were in the small print that was so tiny I had to use a magnifying glass to read it when I got home today. It was for $25.00 off an item of regular or sale price purchase of $50 or more. I bought a cologne gift set and ended... Read more

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i just got a toy hauler the unit was dirt /no rear steps that i was told will be there. i called them for 3 days and no call back i fell they got my money and that is it. but the must is a safety is the 5 th wheel hitch they installed will not stay locked and i was... Read more

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PLease find a new RV location to buy from this company is disrespectful and their customer service is terrible we waited 5 days for an answer from financing only to be told that the camper we were trying to purchase (used) they could not get a loan for that low of loan... Read more

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Terrible service and processing, The states attorney general should look into Home Depots Rebates. You go on line fill out form, they sent a card saying you have no eligible products. Call they say send it in by mail, you do they send a card again saying no eligible... Read more

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Worst company ever! Lied to us, gave us the run around numerous times. Horrible customer service.

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  • Jun 07, 2016
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The cashier that took care of me a Jessica She was very rude and rushed me out the door. She was very worried about her phone which she was using while cashing me out. I had to practically beg for a goodbye which even that was scarastic.

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