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1stoplighting - More than satisfied 4.8 I was hesitant about ordering from them after reading all the negative reviews. But my fears were completely unfounded. I placed my order on the... Directv - Rewards Card $ 1.2 Of course the rep who sold me the service over the phone promised me the $200 rewards card money, but also included an extra $100 to offset my fee... Artesian Spas island spa..Would not buy another... $12k and 2yrs later...Many ISSUES!! Nothing but problems only two years old....ozone module stopped working twice and now out of warranty....wifi module never works more than one... Minute Clinic - Mis Billing by Minute Billing 5.0 I went into Minute Clinic for a flu shot which they indicated was covered by Medicare. I provided both my Medicare I.D. card and my secondary (GHI/Eml... Molina Healthcare Provider Directory Texas The Molina Healthcare Provider directory for Texas is outdated. Many providers listed in their directory are NOT in their network and also have NEVER... Resolved Pella - Beware! They don't pay the subcontractors who are installing the windows in your home. I would think twice about hiring a company that doesn't pay the help. It could open you the homeowner up to having a lien filed against your property.... Family Dollar - Disrespected 1.0 while standing in line at check out there was a women in front of me,she went next to go to register 3,regester 2 was closed, register 1 was... Poland Spring - Bottled Water Review from Staten Island, New York Bought a case of Poland Spring water today the water has a laundry detergent taste and fruity. Opened several bottles they all have same smell and...