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Bobs sent someone out to repair the broken arms of the sofa bed. the real problem was the cushions on the sofa bed and love seat. I had to pay $80.00 for them to order new coils and the delivery time was set up for October this was told to me in August. I was told by... Read more

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I ordered two IPhones on March 24 at 8am. I stated that I wanted to be on the family plan wanted to pay for the phones on their payment plan. The customer rep wrote up the contact had me to e sign the document. That evening as I read the contract I noticed she had put... Read more

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Not satisfied with the product at all the pillows are damaged and coils totally unsatisfied with product will never buy from them again. had furniture only three years and not understanding why the product is defective. I am not a large person so what could caused so... Read more

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I had the same exact experience with Tradsey that you did! I wonder how many other sellers share our story. I just shipped 2 louis Vuitton bags yesterday. These two buyers asked me so many questions about these 2 bags including a guy who woke me up at 4am and then... Read more

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I purchased a sofa bed and love seat about three or four years ago. I called last year when one of the cushions spring was poking up. they sent someone out to inspect as a courtesy and he place form on top of the springs. last night I took the cushion cover off and... Read more

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Do not trust prestige weddings, they have scammed me in to their office with something free and I ended up purchasing photography, video and DJ services from them. They really destroyed my wedding, my pictures sucked, my video was poor quality and I thought my... Read more

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the worst company to do business with is nothing like this in the country a bunch of idiots like yu necer see anywhere in the world if they can be taken out of business will the best thing that can happen to them to us in a million years i cannot believe that a company... Read more

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Called order in before 12 noon for 6:30 delivery. Just before 8pm the order is not delivered yet. Had to go the the location my self and one hour later finally walked out with my order. I missed most of the game because of this and my family were hungry too. Had I not... Read more

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After selling a Authentic LV used Neo Speedy Blue Denim Speedy for a very low price 299$ and posted photos of the condition of the bag, mind you there was leather aging otherwise the bag was a great buy. The bag was listed only one day before it was sold. I paid for... Read more

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I recently dated someone from your site who is a criminal!!! I know longer can find his prifile because i was off while dating him. HE SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED BACK ON . It is unfair to woman looking for a future relationship

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