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Bobs sent someone out to repair the broken arms of the sofa bed. the real problem was the cushions on the sofa bed and love seat. I had to pay $80.00 for them to order new coils and the delivery time was set up for October this was told to me in August. I was told by customer service that once the coils were delivered someone would come out and repair the cushions I still don't understand why I had to pay anything when I should have been... Read more

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Was told one price for my trade ($10,000) first lie, and 60 month loan. Waited 5+ hours for which they had a multitude of excuses, I was then sat in a small roon with three salesmen to review and quickly sign my contract. In the contract I was told that even though it stated a 72 month loan, it would actually be a 60 month loan second and biggest lie. I don't know why I believe that one but to late now I'm committed to it Then I return home and... Read more

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After selling a Authentic LV used Neo Speedy Blue Denim Speedy for a very low price 299$ and posted photos of the condition of the bag, mind you there was leather aging otherwise the bag was a great buy. The bag was listed only one day before it was sold. I paid for premium shipping kit and promptly shipped bag. About 3 weeks later suddenly I get a text stating the the sale was null and was given no explanation from Tradsey why they broke their... Read more

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I ordered two IPhones on March 24 at 8am. I stated that I wanted to be on the family plan wanted to pay for the phones on their payment plan. The customer rep wrote up the contact had me to e sign the document. That evening as I read the contract I noticed she had put me in the jump program which means that you pay on your phones for 18 months than you have the option of purchasing the phones or not in other words this is a leasing program. I... Read more

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Not satisfied with the product at all the pillows are damaged and coils totally unsatisfied with product will never buy from them again. had furniture only three years and not understanding why the product is defective. I am not a large person so what could caused so damages to a sofa bed and love seat what was advertised and what I received was defective furniture completely not happy. The cushions to both the sofa and love seat is... Read more

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First I Made My Purchase On Feb 26,2015 When Making my purchase I spoke to Erik Crawford Extension 8842 He Assured My My parts i was ordering which was the duraflex ispec lip kit for my 2006 lexus is250 and roof spoiler, window visors. he said everything i will receive in 7 days i got the visors in 5 days the roof spoiler in 9 days and the lip kit march 11 2015 when i got the other items i dropped my car to the body shop who is certify and been... Read more

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I purchased a sofa bed and love seat from Bob's March 20 2013. Last year I started having problems with the cushions and later with both arms on the sofa bed. I found out today that both arms are broken on the sofa bed and one of the cushions the coils have come through the cushion cover. I called and Bob's customer service took my call and sent someone out the check out the sofa. He called the company back and they offered me to replace the... Read more

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I had the same exact experience with Tradsey that you did! I wonder how many other sellers share our story. I just shipped 2 louis Vuitton bags yesterday. These two buyers asked me so many questions about these 2 bags including a guy who woke me up at 4am and then asked me if I could take more photos of the interior. The buyers on Tradsey do not realize the bag they are purchasing is not new!!!! I try to descibe every single item as accurately... Read more

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I signed up using a special that they offered. I was not pleased with the options and never used the website. I don't believe the majority of the people on this site are actual Christians. I recently looked at my credit card to see a charge from the website for auto-renewal. When I called the company they stated that once the charge went through they could not refund the amount. I have never had this issues with a web based company. Every... Read more

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I purchased a sofa bed and love seat about three or four years ago. I called last year when one of the cushions spring was poking up. they sent someone out to inspect as a courtesy and he place form on top of the springs. last night I took the cushion cover off and found broken springs in the cushion. I need someone to come out and look at this product. I paid good money for these items. I also purchased a bed room set which is excellent. ... Read more

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