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Zoom Tan - Rip off!!!!! 1.0 I was told my membership is canceled. Then I was billed $4.99 monthly for 1 1/2 years. I tanned one time and tried to cancel. I was told I had to... Always a good experience @ PC Corner 4.6 I don't go to PC Corner for cutting edge equipment. I go there for service and support. Case in point... my mother's iPhone got dunked in water. She... Ziebart - Rust proofing 1.5 Bought a 2010 F150. Its been undercoated evert year. Rust is constantly showing through the undercoating. My big issue is that i got the diamondgloss... Mavis Discount Tire - LifeTime Warranty - NOT 1.3 Brought 2005 Armada in for a Muffler and was explain the exhaust pipe was bad so, I figure no problem $325. 1.25 years later the Muffler rots out ,... Good People Good Company at Mariner Finance They are professional, courteous and polite. This company has helped me after my son passed away with no life insurance leaving behind a new home,... Aspen Dental - Feels like bait and switch 1.8 Insisted I needed full x-rays and assured me they were free for my first visit. Once I was in the chair the "free x-rays" offer was rescinded because... Wegmans - Bottle return 1.0 Hello this is Reverand Antero Vazquez. I am a pastor of a small congregation. Our church has a fundraising. One of our ideas was bottle return. I do... Harris Poll Online - Harris Online Polls is a fraud, will not pay for participation 1.0 I was on the investment professional panel for years. Recently, I completed 2 surveys but never got paid. When I contact them, they claim they cannot...