Why have you discontinued your Cabin Creek line of twill pants? I am outraged. These have got to be your "bread and butter" pant. I've worn them for probably 30 years of more. I love them!!! I want to buy some more of them. You have made me very unhappy as I... Read more

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I refuse to accept delivery of these bushes...was told 7-10 days for delivery after they were shipped out. Never given option for overnite...they put on price and delivery and told me final price. This is a Business that refuses to deal with us,"common folk" so they... Read more

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I have an iphone 5 and decided to buy this $80 case to protect my phone from drops, not necessarily water damage. The phone case was supposed to protect my phone from up to 6' drops. I dropped mine taking it out of my back pocket, which is no where near 6', and my... Read more

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Rude - arrogant. Save yourself a bunch of trouble and find someone else to order from. They won't care - the guy on the phone today told me he was happy to cancel my order because they are a "mulit-million dollar business" and don't need my money anyway. So -... Read more

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People sell advocare for one reason: to make money off of you. If anyone tells you any differently they are *** down your back and telling you it's raining. These people who sell it go to a convention and have the equivalent of a religious revival. They get brainwashed... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I purchased the Luminess Air System on line. No where did it tell me that it was more than Luminess is $29.95 plus shipping. I received the product, watched the DVD and demos on you tube. I loved the make-up and the way it looked after a little practice wit the air... Read more

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Don't waste your time or money with *** from Ashley Furniture!
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Why you should NEVER purchase from Ashley Furniture Stores. February 20, 2017 by bargainhound 6 Comments (Edit) It has taken me 5 years to write this post. I wanted to write it a long time ago, but wanted to wait until I saw how the quality of the products held up.... Read more

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I used this product and it did NOT do what it states it does. their so called regrowth formula was nothing more than Minoxidil which can be purchased anywhere a lot cheaper, the shampoo wasn't any better than Frutis for 4.99. They are nothing more than a fraud. You... Read more

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Zoom Tan is the worst company ever. I work there and I can tell you the management are all a55holes who love to screw their employees just as much as they love to screw their clients. Every thing negative you ever read online about them is absolutely 100% the truth.... Read more

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My mom and I have been tanning at Golden Tans and STC for many many year and loved it. Didn't even mind paying a bit more money to tan here... When they turned into Zoom Tan.. it has been nothing but a hassle and I have constantly been lied to! The manager told me that... Read more

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