Dumbest company in America. They require you to verify bank accounts. So they make a deposit and you confirm it. They take the money back. However they never took the payment. I was contacted by their collection agency and told them I prefer to deal with you in court.... Read more

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I got a letter to come back to Planet Fitness so I went to join with my husband. They denied my membership because I only have a credit card! My husband and I did away with our bank account months ago due to high fees and hearing this really makes me Irate! So you... Read more

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Not trying to kill your dreams here. I’m trying to -save- you, your families, your friendships, and your money from this endless soul-sucking NIGHTMARE. I worked full-time for WFG in NYC for two years. I burned through through tons of savings chasing the “dream.”... Read more

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I love how quick there are those to defend the system but no tangibles provided at all. no mention about how their products and services have helped others retire. only defenses about the WFG sales system and structure. to that yo -yo who compared the anology about... Read more

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I currently work at EIC and I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by Sanford’s directness and speaking voice, until I realized he was hard at hearing which explains why he appears to yell when he speaks. I have an uncle with the same issue, so I am not new to this. I... Read more

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The "10 year warranty" is a load of BS. After a month, the seam in my pillow opened up and the fill started to spill out. I called the company and told them about it. They told me to pack the pillow up, take it to the post office and mail it back to them. I said, "So... Read more

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Volutpat praesent massa vestibulum ultrices, eget malesuada morbi nullam, pellentesque ante nulla quam aliquet. Eget dis dolores odio, justo urna mi habitasse, non pede consequat nec, litora porta iaculis sed sed. Ad ullamcorper diam habitasse lacinia, eu pellentesque... Read more

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Est fermentum convallis lacus, nulla quis sed interdum. Erat mauris quis tortor elit, nec class eget hendrerit, proin vel auctor quis. Vel sem eros fringilla risus, dictum ac ut sed porttitor. Aliquam donec at neque, ac lectus semper dui consequat. Dolor nullam amet... Read more

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I am a actress in NYC and met Brian Hecht in NYC while on a audition, he seemed a little sleazy, but it is NYC. He wanted me to sign-up for his site to get me acting jobs it was called claim fame.com, my friends all told me not to do it, but I wanted to give it a shot... Read more

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(For those reading: feel free to post this elsewhere to warn others.) I had a hair transplant procedure done at Bosley over two years ago. I waited until now to write this, because everywhere I looked I found that most people who were not seeing results from their... Read more

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