Dumbest company in America. They require you to verify bank accounts. So they make a deposit and you confirm it. They take the money back. However they never took the payment. I was contacted by their collection agency and told them I prefer to deal with you in court. I have filled complaints with the NY state AG office. They haven't contacted me or attempted to take the money from my account. They do this to try and add in fees. Fees that... Read more

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I got a letter to come back to Planet Fitness so I went to join with my husband. They denied my membership because I only have a credit card! My husband and I did away with our bank account months ago due to high fees and hearing this really makes me Irate! So you can't prepay unless they're offering it as a special, you can't use a credit card, and you can't pay in cash month by month. What big corporation doesn't take... Read more

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Est fermentum convallis lacus, nulla quis sed interdum. Erat mauris quis tortor elit, nec class eget hendrerit, proin vel auctor quis. Vel sem eros fringilla risus, dictum ac ut sed porttitor. Aliquam donec at neque, ac lectus semper dui consequat. Dolor nullam amet eget sed, cras quisque ligula at vitae. Sed est faucibus vivamus praesent, habitasse potenti pede in massa, at non porta tortor, elit hac libero ad nulla. Read more

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Suspendisse pulvinar, augue ac venenatis condimentum, sem libero volutpat nibh, nec pellentesque velit pede quis nunc. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Fusce id purus. Ut varius tincidunt libero. Phasellus dolor. Maecenas vestibulum mollis diam. Pellentesque ut neque. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Read more

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I currently work at EIC and I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by Sanford’s directness and speaking voice, until I realized he was hard at hearing which explains why he appears to yell when he speaks. I have an uncle with the same issue, so I am not new to this. I googled EIC review, EIC Agency review and Sanford Wilk review on google and I found reviews and complaints that appear to come from disgruntled ex – employees and interns; on... Read more

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The "10 year warranty" is a load of BS. After a month, the seam in my pillow opened up and the fill started to spill out. I called the company and told them about it. They told me to pack the pillow up, take it to the post office and mail it back to them. I said, "So you guys sold me a defective product and now to rectify your faulty workmanship, I have to spend time packing it up, wait in line at the P.O. and then incur further expense of my... Read more

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My girlfriend and I bought Wen shampoo together and after a few months of use we both started to notice our hair was falling out. At first we didn't realize it was from the shampoo, so by the time we did, our hair was falling out in clumps! My hair is very noticeably thinner and after about a month of not using WEN, it has finally stopped falling out. The reason this happens is the lack of detergent in the shampoo causes a build up from sebum... Read more

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Rejuvenate Floor Refresher, from For Life Products, is advertised to clean, protect and preserve newer floors. After using this product, it was like the finish was stripped from my floors and they look very dull. I called For Life Products, explained what happened and asked them to pay to refinish my floors. The rep's response was "well that's not gonna happen" and proceeded to give me instructions on how to do it myself. When I asked if they... Read more

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Ashley furniture Dura/blend
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Hello John, Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your Ashley furniture. All warranties are handled on the retail level. If this is considered a manufacturing or workmanship defect, and you purchased your furniture with a warranty, please contact the store where you purchased the furniture. An Ashley Furniture Marketing Specialist is available if the... Read more

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