First off this store doesn't know their own return policy. I had to call corporate to find out what it really was. The employee told me no returns after 90 days. The real policy is with a receipt you get a refund back no matter how long it has been. After giving me store credit for my return I went back in saying I called corporate and I get cash back. The manager stated she didn't want to be doing this on her break nor did either person... Read more

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They sold me a lemon and will not call me back or take responsibility. Don't get scammed also go somewhere else. I found out after I purchased the car there have been many issues with this company. I called for over two weeks and they keep giving me the run around. They tell me the manager and owner are not around but when I call the sales number (which is a different 1-800 number) and act like a different person who is interested in a new... Read more

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If anyone out there is thinking of putting together a class action lawsuit please contact me! They have jerked me around now for 3 weeks. Their product no longer works on iMac El Capitan - personally I think they did this on purpose because of the launch of their new cloud which requires you to pay - so that you can't just continue using your older neat scanner.. I emailed the company and they emailed back "directions" to solve the problem. The... Read more

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I recently contacted EPS requesting to be refunded an $85 Annual Fee charged to our bank account on 12/03/2010 because, although we initially explored using them as our payment processor (more than a year prior to this annual fee being charged), we advised them at the time of our intention to cancel, and never proceeded to do business with them. EPS is refusing to refund the annual fee, claiming that a contract was formed when we sent in our... Read more

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Several months ago my daughter asked that her membership be cancelled. She had not realized that such cancellation was due in writing. She was told that this would not be a problem. The following month, noticing that we were still being charged, I called to cancel the membership. I had not signed the paperwork and was not advised at the time that cancellation of membership required a written notice. Yesterday my husband went in to cancel and was... Read more

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What a horrible experience. We were actually in the middle of moving when my husband and I decided to order some pieces of furniture for our daughters room. Our daughter saved up her own money in order to help with the cost of the custom upholstered bed with a mirrored chest which was something she dreamed of having. Although it was expensive, we decided to place the order with Ethan Allen on 5/10/10. Then we received a call from the... Read more

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My husband has had a MetLife Life Insurance Policy for over 30 years. We made a premium payment on June 3, MetLife cashed the check on June 9. Our policy's status is terminated!!! I spoke to customer service, provided written documentation of the payment and was promised that the policy would be reinstated within the week. That was 6 weeks ago. After numerous phone calls to customer service, I was given promises that the case was given... Read more

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I ordered my chicken noodle soup to go and found a dead fly floating in it. I am beyond disgusted!!!! I called Panera Bread and after being on hold for ten mins, the manager advised me that I can come in for a refund. I will be staying away from Panera Bread! The sweaty looking employees should of been a sign for me not order food. The manager on duty advised me that this never happened prior to my situation. A refund is a not fair... Read more

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I had an appointment for Friday morning first thing because I had a doctor's appointment at 1 pm. I stated to the agent that I needed to have my service work completed by 12:30 in order to make my appointment. I was told that the crew would be there between 8 and 9:30. At 9:00 I got phone call from the dispatcher that the crew had a flat tire and would be on their way shortly. The crew got to my house at 10:30. Against my better judgement I... Read more

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From day one of installation, everytime it rains our windows have leaked. Pella has been over twice and everytime a technician comes over they blame everyone but themselves. The wood around the windows are now stained and rotting. Each time it rains we sit in our house a see leaks from every part of the house. The installers complained the whole installation of how little they are paid by Pella. They are a smoke and mirrors operation. ... Read more

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