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I called regarding dresser drawers that don't slide for the second time Tech comes out tells us that someone will all me in 24-48 hrs to schedule another apt to come out and repair broken drawers> three days later I call back asking for a status and they tell me it... Read more

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I see the 2 bad reviews and I feel bad. I not only had a deccent experience. I had a great experience. I did a whole group gifting thing where the whole little league team bought a gift for the coach. Everyone was able to contribute (sorta like a go fund me). I guess... Read more

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I bought items over $500 last month. When i got the items, nothing like they appear on the website. Shoes are wiggly, the sole looks like it can hurt you easily, poor leather. i dont know what to do with some of this things. They are very small in size, poor... Read more

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i entered my phone number correctly several times and each time it would not let me enter the sweepstakes telling me i had to have the correct amt of numbers which i did. It had taken my number once before with no problems. Then it would never take it again. this... Read more

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Sears home repair services are terrible. Spend your money elsewhere unless you like a headache. I had an appointment for a refrigerator repair today. Confirmed i had all the necessarybparts last night. This morning they call to tell me my appointment was cancelled... Read more

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I bought the Elite Force Mystery Box on 10/9/15, for $150, I got an Elite Force KMP basic M4 full metal, which was supposed to be $150 gun, I was ok with it until I got a newsletter email from Airsoft GI today 10/21/15 showing that that gun it's on sale for $99 , wow... Read more

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They were horrible and did not take responsibility for their actions. Made an appointment on a Friday during normal business hours to have gutters cleaned before an expected storm coming the following Monday. They charged an extra $75 so called emegergency just... Read more

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Jasper engine leaking from headbolts... we're talking gallons.... also loosing 1.5-2 qts of oil between 3000 mile oil changes... Jasper won't honer it's warranty unless I pay another $1,500 up front...... head mechnic @ Parkville Automotive said it's a factory... Read more

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Petro is currently charging me $3.55 per gallon, every other oil company is charging $2.25. They want $599. to cancel my contract or I have to pay this outrageous price. I had the flu, I was in the hospital and they were calling and harassing me when I got home about... Read more

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Dr appointments ar frequently cancelled no refills on medications ,refferals take a month before anyone before anyone contacts or calls you,staff is nasty and abrupt,very unprofessional,low quality of care.Simply an I don't care attitude,from Drs, Nurses, and... Read more

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