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The higher (owners and in their level) up people keeps making money because they keep having the distributors keep buying and buying through transfer buying to keep meeting their quota and all this money is being spend out of our own pockets and don't even get anything... Read more

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I have been suffering with this for years. It was suggested I try the "Relief" pills, they are all natural. I had relief right away. Muscles and joints don't hurt, not sore. I take 1 pill evening. Nothing else has changed no my diet, not my stress. I have been sleeping... Read more

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As with many people getting call from this company, they said I owed money for a book that I rented through my University. They could not tell me the full Title of the book, claiming it was "cut-off" on their records. I had already graduated from this University, and... Read more

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I brought my car in to get 4 new tires and a oil change it took 4 hours and then the car was on the lift after they were done with the oil change and they went to lunch and they wouldn't put anyone else to finish the car

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I got a call from them, they said I owed money. I tried to talk with the person, find out what this money was from, who did I owe and for what reason? She told me how valuable there time was and that I would have to do some research and find out, giving me a company... Read more

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Whent to Golden coral today at 3:50 pm ask the waiter what time they start making the the steak he said after 4:00 pm. Well it was 4:25 when they started to make the steak. After waiting for 45 minutes this is what they gave me a two inch steak. Read more

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Consumers are many times powerless. Here is where we need to show more muscle by boycotting Staples. I have switched to getting my prints from Allegra. Staples was my favorite store, but in the last few years, they have a corporate policy of treating customers as... Read more

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Try and get insurance for a vehicle after your agent closes, tough luck. Need to buy a vehicle over the weekend, when most vehicles are purchased, tough luck. You can not get through to anyone other than the agents who are closed after 5PM weekdays and not open on... Read more

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I was told I was hired and asked to give my college schedule and promised to be called Monday by Nanuet manger David. He never called. I called Twice Tuesday only to have him say he was busy and would call back. Wednesday, a week after the interview, he said they... Read more

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I just canceled my account with equity accelerator because of the following reasons. For start this company has no business conducting business in this day and age. This company is the most analog and antiquated company on earth. They still rely solely on fax’s or... Read more

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