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I was returning merchandise this morning with a receipt that was exactly 30 days. the manager yelled at the employee and refused to refund my money. i called the complaint department and they said there was nothing they could do for me. I will never shop there again.... Read more

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Seems the only way to lower the bill is to lock in for another two years > been a customer for 8 years > that will end this week when I have Comcast install a month to month account. I have a DVR (ONE TV) phone and 50/50 Internet >>> $200 is ridiculous. Wait... Read more

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I wanted to voice my experience in this forum. I am someone that does not have a yelp account and due to my busy work schedule, i never think it is worth my time to go reviewing on sites. However, this experience was much different. I am been buying West Elm... Read more

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Impossible to contact which is obviously intentional. You can't return an item without their approval yet they have an unavailable overseas phone number, ridiculous contact hours, emails that are sent are returned without delivering and instant chat gets you booted... Read more

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  • Aug 05, 2016
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I ordered flowers to be delivered to a coworker as congratulations. I received a confirmation delivery email. My coworker never received the flowers. I call FTD and they have yet to explain to me why wasn't the flowers received and why was i charged ($188) for...

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Premium? Steam In Bag Leaf Spinach: After I microwaved the bag as directed I dumped the contents into a bowl. I noticed lots of stems and the leaves looked clumped together. Than I noticed something brown. I looked closer and it was fuzzy. Than I noticed several... Read more

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Ok so I have been to 3 different ACME supermarkets just to compare the different stores. I have been to several stores in Westchester county, New York. Though some stores or larger and seem to be cleaner one thing is consistent that I've observed in Acme, and that... Read more

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I placed my order over the phone to have flowers delivered to a funeral home. Nothing was delivered - ever. I'm out $112 and my flowers were never delivered for a FUNERAL!! I've been calling and calling and I can't get anyone to take my call. They keep hanging up... Read more

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I was 'sold' by their infomercial, but after checking out your site, I realized it is a scam. Thank you for saving me a lot of trouble trying to cancel and also major issues with my credit card company. The products look very interesting but with all the hassles... Read more

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These people are running a scam! I received a quote online from This dealership claimed to have the car I wanted at a great price. My family and I drove an hour to get to this dealer. When we presented the printed quote to the woman from this dealership... Read more

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