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Cohens Fashion Optical - Intentionally screw the Customer! 1.4 Do not use them as them as they do not know what they are doing. Otherwise, they are intentionally trying to screw the Customer. I went for an Eye... Sears - Mower contract usless We have purchased many Sears items, i.e. washer, dryer, mowers. We have a third of an acre and mow between April/May until around October. Long... Mattress Firm - Computers down becomes my problem? STILL WAITING ON MATTRESS THAT WAS ALREADY DELIVERED TO STORE!! 1.6 My wife and I purchased a twin mattress for our extra bedroom. The salesman paid very special attention pointing out that We are NOT sleepys, and... Petco - Best experience at lake grove ,ny 3.7 i recently brought both my lhasa apso's to petco in lake grove to be groomed. The place was very clean, and didn't smell like wet dog. which is a plu... DISGUST WITH ETSY's lack of Costumer Service 1.2 Etsy is not user friendly. At first when you start the beginnings of setting up your shop or listing, there is an option to get a call back if you ne... Insight Global - Totally Unprofessional IG calls me as a reference for a colleague I partner with. They have all but promised him a gig with a company whose CEO has personally reviewed his... Thumbtack - Awesome Company 5.0 So my daughter just graduated school and we have been online for almost a week trying to find a company who could write her a good resume and also... Interval International - Worst Customer Service They were unable to fulfill our 2016 request despite putting it in almost a year in advance and giving them a holiday week in Aruba. Called to book...