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People always find something to complain about. Coparts is a dealer auction only. You can not register with Coparts without a dealer license. AutoBidMaster is a agent that make it possible for the average person to bid on these crash cars. Of course they will... Read more

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never got my delivery.driver called at 1030am stated he be here in an hour. never came. i tracked my order say it was delivered today at 300pm when it truly was not. The driver went to wrong house at 210pm after several hours on the phone with your customer care... Read more

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Rude, careless, people. They will steal your money and tell you whatever they need to in order to get the sale. Then the second you have an issue, they will hang up the phone on you. Even the "supervisors" do this. They are useless. The whole company is one...

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For a complete account of my experience with Mountain Products Smokehouse, please visit this site: The text below is a snippet of the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau: My name is Sam Vitiello and I've... Read more

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After getting rewarded a refund for overpayment of a bill, I still have yet have been unable to use the $67.42 credit. This is extremely frustrating, upsetting and disappointing. I was going to hire an attorney friend of mine to get the refund back in the form of a... Read more

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My water dispenser broke. Originally, they were very helpful by telling me how to get a refund. I did everything they asked. I followed up and they said everything was in order and I could expect a check in 2 weeks. It's been 6 months now and every time I call,... Read more

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