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My old Ariens 32 inch snow blower died after 30 years last year. This was a great machine. Very reliable and it worked great. So I purchased for $1400 a new Ariens ST11528LE snow blower. Lots of nice improvements, I thought would make it a pleasure to operate. WRONG! This piece of junk cloggs easily and broke down in the first major snow storm here on Long Island. The unit kept clogging up even when I just sliced a little bit of snow into... Read more

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Following up a previous post. This hair is not worth the money or time. Went back and forth with Indique for a refund. Settled in court for 80% more than the purchase price. Please start using the court system for these purchases. If someone took your money you'd sue or file a complaint. Use the resources available to consumers, don't feel ridiculous suing for hair extensions! (BBB, State Attorney General, Consumer Affairs and Small... Read more

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Nice young guy knocks on door with prepared speech- offers free estimate.Other nice guy shows up and goes through ridiculously long very memorized canned and slick presentation.Presents ludicrous price. At least three times what it should be. If you have nothing else to do and want to skip your dinner plans call them. Reminded me of Glengarry GlenRoss. Can't believe they ever get anyone to say yes. Apparently they do. My suggestion is to get... Read more

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I never slam someone unless they truly deserve it...I am a locally based singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist . I had UPS'ed my expensive "Parlor Guitar" to this shop for expensive $700 repair. Although, his work has been seen in many books and guitar magazines...And came recommended by a high end guitar company.... I have found that this does not make up for his very arrogant and shallow demeanor on the telephone ... once he had my money... Read more

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On 08/02 me and my wife went down to this location we found a car and we were approved for a loan. I asked if we can start a contract and put money down i was told no need yet. But we did need the paperwork that shows that you privies has been paid for. We then get that paperwork and called them to tell that that it will be faxed to them. We were told sorry that car is sold. They told me that it's first come first service to who ever can... Read more

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I have used this company for years and never had a problem. Don't know what changed but I put in an order on 9/10/15. I called on 9/28/15 to inquire about tracking the order. Put on hold, then was told she would call me back as soon as the order was tracked. No call back. Sent email to customer service requesting same- no reply. Called next day got a recording. Called a few minutes later, put on hold, came back and said we should receive it in a... Read more

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I graduated from this school in november of 2011 as a medical assistant. I was ready to take the cma test and they werre giving me the run around, so finally i decided not to do it. Meanwhile they did not get me any job. Most places that they tell you that there gonna send your resume to, the place dosent hire you because they need people with experience. The internships that they send you on don't hire anybody. Also, the school sends out... Read more

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Former target executive tells all
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was a target executive in new york for 8 years.2 words for target *** YOU.i went from being a superstar to a horses *** in months then back to a superstar and i was recently a horses *** again.i left the company when i found out my store manager is banging some of the *** sucking girls during the day .this is the kinda *** *** that goes on there ..there a bunch of sluty morons who are in charge and the store managers are *** for brains who... Read more

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Being a first time puppy owner I wanted the best for my pet. After seeing the financial burden of having a puppy struggling with Giardia and a sensitive stomach I decided to get pet insurance. Banfield yeses you to death when you sign up gives you a great deal and the insurance even covered my puppies spaying ! I thought I'd got the best thing. Little did I know after I was no longer a new patient they threw me on the back burner. Getting an... Read more

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We installed our KM cabinets (in dove white, no glaze) last August. Looked beautiful. About 1 month after, I noticed several doors had chips and areas where the paint was coming off - all at the top of the door (not the face). KM replaced these doors for us (a total of 6; I needed to re-do handles and hinges again which was a pain) 1 year later, we are still finding paint chipping off random doors and drawers - both by where the handles are (I... Read more

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