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OK, the final word has been give..... FINALLY, the Owner or Prime - An American Kitchen & Bar managed to reach for a telephone and dial 11 digits.... yes, albeit 3weeks too late, BUT, he did manage to call, HOWEVER- REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY DID ANYTHING WRONG.... Read more

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I am not a mall person in the slightest but found myself in the Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington, NY to drop off my son for a school sponsored field trip. It was going to take only an hour so with my 9 year old in tow I decided we would walk around to kill time.... Read more

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On 08/02 me and my wife went down to this location we found a car and we were approved for a loan. I asked if we can start a contract and put money down i was told no need yet. But we did need the paperwork that shows that you privies has been paid for. We then get... Read more

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Ordered an expensive sectional that was a special order fabric. Told it would take 4-8 weeks. Took 10 weeks and when it was delivered, the chaise part of the couch was a different color than the rest of the couch. Only the chaise was the correct color. Was told it... Read more

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Nice young guy knocks on door with prepared speech- offers free estimate.Other nice guy shows up and goes through ridiculously long very memorized canned and slick presentation.Presents ludicrous price. At least three times what it should be. If you have nothing else... Read more

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Following up a previous post. This hair is not worth the money or time. Went back and forth with Indique for a refund. Settled in court for 80% more than the purchase price. Please start using the court system for these purchases. If someone took your money you'd... Read more

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Men's locker room infested with roaches for months now.

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I paid alot of money to be a lifetime member of the cooking club of America--so, where did they go with my money? Also, paid alot of money to be a lifetime member of the gardening club of America. I assume they were both owned by the same group, and they both... Read more

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No experience with the product, but it sounds similar to "Shackly - Basic H"...the scam product of the late 70's-early 80's

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  • Sep 22, 2016
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LaserShip supossedly delivered a $76 item to my house...My security cameras never recorded anyone dropping off a package in my property...complained to Laser Ship and received no response..Walmart shipped a new item with guess who..LaserShit...Terrible...

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