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Aon - TERRIBLE - DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! 1.0 must make application to obtain application. very detailed hard to complete when you receive. states EITHER doctors note OR fill out preform... Skechers memory foam sneakers caused foot problem 2.0 I purchased a pair of Skechers memory foam sneakers last year.I wore them for a week or two.I woke up one morning and felt a pain on the inside of my... Piercing Pagoda - Infected after 3 days 1.8 my family and i decided we would all spontaneously get our ears pierced at the piercing pagoda during a trip to the mall. we when first for there the... Sleep Number - Buyer Beware I ordered a new mattress from Sleep Number (Garden City, NY store) in March 2017. I was moving into my new construction home in early June and they... Lord And Taylor - DISGUSTED WITH LORD & TAYLOR IN GARDEN CITY! 2.2 This store had renovations going on for MONTHS and we obviously thought the store was being upgraded. Now that renovations are completed, not only me... Lord And Taylor - Policy in Dress department 2.8 I have been a black card customer for several years. I purchased a dress at the Manhasset store and a few days later another dress in Garden City. A... Aon - Terminal ILL spouse 1.0 October 2016 I purchased travel insurance via NCL $69 per person when I made reservations. Since my spouse had been diagnosed with terminal cancer I... Poshmark - Negative 1.0 see i am talking abut is that they didnt even send me a reply back from this poshmark company it is only 5 times more time than i have expected from t...