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monarch dental network. In SAN ANTONIO ARE SCANNERS AND. THE DENTIST lies and fraud charges DO NOT CARE ABOUT PATIENTS IF you have $7500.00 and go to them they take your money and work is complete. And boy THEY LIE AND CHEAT I HAVE JUST RECENTLY REOPEN A CASE of... Read more

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Someone that works there recommended me Binder and Binder and since I have seen them on TV so many times I thought they were great. The woman who interviewed me told me that they had over 300 attorneys and that basically takes almost a year and Social Security Turns... Read more

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All that's important to them is the money !!! They will give you every excuse in the book to defend their poor quality toupee instead of giving you the quality system you are paying for and I mean PAYING for. If your not happy with their service , their answer is to... Read more

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  • Jul 10, 2016
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Poor customer service, long lines at counter

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I went to Bosak for a refund on an extended warranty and they took care of it promptly. While I was waiting they asked if I would like to test drive their Hurst Challenger. :) What a car! No pressure to buy it, just enjoy the test drive. It was great! I only service...

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I work with psychiatric patients. I do not want my info online for safety as my address. They keep pretending they cant see my attachment & no matter how much they enlarge it they wont let me opt out. I will sue them if i can. They have no regard for safety issues... Read more

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After a year and a half my leather sectional sofa ripped 4 inches in two places paid to have someone from Raymour and Flanigan to fix it. He used some glue which lasted a few days. They will not make good because we didn't get a service policy. We didn't get one... Read more

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I was shoping at Walmart in Amarillo, so, I decided to have my nails done. OMG I could have gotten a better job done if I had gone to a school and had students do it!! I WILL NEVER GO THERE EVER AGAIN!! Read more

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  • Jun 27, 2015
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GEICO charge me $250 a month the least they can do is give me a rental to get to work nope they are useless and I'm going back to progressive

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My name is Joanne and I am from Boston, Ma. In my past years I have always used H@R Block well its been a few years now that I dont use them anymore. They always advertise and say they give you themost refund. Well they dont! There fees are out of control very... Read more

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