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On Wednesday, December 30, 2015, Ramshad Razeem wrote: Dear sir/madam, Iam regular Walmart customer,I buy lots of stuff in Walmart online & in store,Iam 100% satisfied with Walmart purchase ,Iam happy to be a Walmart customer, Walmart customer satisfaction is 200% guarantee,that's what I purchase this item too,I didn't know now that the Walmart has started a third party involves in, Iam not happy at all with this purchase,my bad... Read more

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I had these girls try to get me to sign up for a dollar. Then the girls select a 35 point system for me. Valued at 50. Every month I would get charged 50 to refer people to use these prodictet. They wanted my social security info and billing info. Its a scam Read more

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Bad Home Health Aid (HHA)--late, irresponsible, didn't know how to wash dishes, then bailed. I gave her gloves and an article on how to wash dishes (not to use cold water). No contact information provided by the agency, ie company phone, address from agency to discuss with them. No business card, brochure or Id card. When asked the HHA for the contact info, she said she didn't know, and just handed me what she had, a handwritten note of the... Read more

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Danna Perricone calls 844-201-922 ext 204, advising of how great Timeshares By Owner is. NOT TRUE. Sweet talking, smooth sailing BS about how great company is, not to be believed. The quoted tens of millions of dollars earning for the company is strickly monies thay have taken from the poor smucks that get suckered in. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY. When they promise you'll make money, it is they making the money. If someone asks for tax money... Read more

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I purchased a Dell XPS 15 9550 in the amount of $1843.61 on 3/31/16 my order # is 969134366. The laptop has never worked correctly since the day I received it. I have had multiple problems with the unit rebooting by itself, the docking station never working correctly. Dell exchanged the docking station but that did not resolve this issue. Two weeks ago the reboots started happening more often, I contacted their support and during their... Read more

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aldi low priced food store brick new jersey sells veggies withbugs all over them terrible never again will i buy vegitables there again if i want a cheaper price i will buy and advise people to buy on sale at regular food stores that is not right unfortunetly at first i said to my boyfriend what are those black things all on the broccoli where the crown parts and i didnt look closer we used it for chinese food dish we were cooking next... Read more

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Began the request for a loan modification at the end of May 2012 received their denial on September 5, 2012. I sent all information as requested in the original packet. I received multiple calls from different representatives requesting the same documentation over and over saying it would delay the process if they did not receive it, so I complied even though I had sent it to them already. I asked to speak to a supervisor on multiple occassions... Read more

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LVP CASE ID 16-KC0018—DECISION SUMMARY Complainant, Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc. (“Metals”), submitted a complaint in accordance with the Legitimacy Verification Program (“LVP”). The complaint alleged that Post ID 852738 and Post ID 877564 (the “Posts”) contained statements in violation of Section 2 of Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. The Posts’ authors were offered the opportunity to respond to the complaint, as provided in LVP Rule 9. The... Read more

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The same thing happened to me at Puppy Depot in coram, NY. I bought a Yorkie pup- Scooter and after a few days he developed cherry eye. Had that taken care of and a few days later what I thought was kennel cough the coram Vet let me know it was not and that scooter would die. I bought him to West Hills Vet in Huntington and they told me he would be a hacker all his life but would live. He has to be hospitalized and when he came home had to... Read more

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Paid my mortage Escrow Overage and Ditch still raised my mort payment by including the monthly payment for the escrow overage. Called them they said my check was assigned to the wrong place so they would fix it and reduce my monthly payment. When it was not fixed i called them back they said they would fix it again, still not fixed by end of month, called them back they said they would fix. Ditech said I had grace period so not to worry about it... Read more

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