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  • Aug 19, 2016
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We got a contractor from thumbtack he was a pathological liar a complete mess made a mess out of our place then turned around and threatened he was taking us to court. Company is modern construction please beware

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The store is dirty and the team leaders are not doing their job. I experienced a manger or team leader name Louisa that was yelling at an employee and embarrassing her as customers were shopping. This is disgraceful and it's not the first incident with this same... Read more

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  • Jun 19, 2016
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My husband and I had big breakfast at 11am. At 400 I had terrible cramps and diarrhea. At 800 my husband had same. We have never had this before. Also, we haven't had a big breakfast in years.

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I spent 200 in the store and i needed a gift box and they could not give me one this year cause its to expensive fore them to buy what a joke iam done with that store u cant shop there unless u got coupons anyway cause there over priced Read more

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Had scheduled for service 1.5 weeks in advance . Brought in vehicle at 7:20 am. Called dealer at 4:30 pm and was told vehicle was not ready. Went to dealership at 5pm and truck still not ready. They gave some shoddy excuse that they were really busy and someone went... Read more

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I have had horrible experiences shipping gifts and never deliver them on time and besides which they have never delivered items. Till date, I have not received my refund as well. Horrible company. They are a scam.....pretending to sent gifts. I have had horrible... Read more

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My name is Ariana. I had bought a package and paid it off completely. I had a few of my sessions and I haven't seen any results. Now I find out that all the clinics are closed. American laser center stole $2036 from me. Read more

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While we understand that there was some confusion, lack of clarity or giving misleading information is the opposite of our intent. This may help clarify: One of our warehouse club partners requires that we guarantee the price of the project for 14 days and that we... Read more

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I ordered a 70th Birthday Gift from Edible Arrangements in Silver Spring, MD and entered the code on the order which meant they would include a dozen extra dipped fruits...I chose bananas. They were not included and the arrangement was almost $80. but it was not as I... Read more

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Labcorp which used to be on Oak Tree in Edison, now moved to Park Ave. My mother just returned from routine blood work. The gauze covering her puncture is soaked in blood. There is already a huge bruise forming. The woman drawing her blood had her make a fist, then... Read more

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