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I received a letter in the mail indicating I have been pre approved for up to $25,000. Pre approval means just that.. not pre qualify. However when I entered the pre approval code on, the results then said I have been declined. The last I checked,... Read more

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Origami Owl - Terrible Quality For the Price! (with pictures)
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My husband bought me a bracelet in December of 2013 with about 6 charms. Within one week, one rhinestone from the link locket fell out along with a single rhinestone from both my heart key dangle and my crystal pave heart dangle ended up falling out. Three of the... Read more

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I faxed them all of my sensitive data(tax Returns..etc) and they claim they never got them but it went through, even confirmed! Something sounds shady! Do not use this company!!! Furthermore, then then tell me that I have to reapply and go through the entire process... Read more

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I hate zoom tan. They do not care about the customers at all. The girls are trying hard to be nice, but say that the company is hard to work for. The only thing that the company is worried about is your credit card so that you have to buy a plan ood theirs. They do not... Read more

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NACA has the worst customer service I have ever seen at the Buffalo, NY office. I was belittled by Benard Obichie and told I can't read. He then mocked me to his other colleagues and made fun of me because I didn't understand some of the documentation he wanted me to... Read more

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I wanted to loose 5 pounds to fit into a dress for a special occasion. I bought this and followed the 24 day challenge to the letter and continued exercising 6 days a week.. This program is a joke. I didn't loose any weight, or inches. It bloat me to the point that I... Read more

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A friend of my daughter's got involved with Ambit and was moving up the ranks quickly. Because my daughter was having money issues I agreed to let her friends sponsor come to the house to do the spiel and had a list of questions ready. The guy who was leading was a... Read more

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I have not received my safelink minutes for a few months as of late. What do I have to do to receive them? I cannot get them through my prepaid sight on my tracfone, and no one has contacted me. Please phone me and let me know the answers I need to resolve these... Read more

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I've used other gel polishes and they are great. This one, did not stay on, peeled right off, and dried and ruined my nails. They are now all broke off. They also tried to charge me a security deposit after I paid the $29. Lucky for me, my card was maxed out, so they... Read more

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I am a pissed off former employee of Sears. I worked at Sears for a year after I graduated high school I did not want to go to college after high school so I choose to work at Sears and that is the worst decision I have ever made. I have quit Sears and will be... Read more

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