Thank You for all the bad reviews. I put my name and number from an ad on facebook. On Black Friday I got the call for interview and say they want to meet me. The phone call actually woke me up. Once I got my head straight I got very suspicious and decided to look them... Read more

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I applied and when they called to finalize the deal , he asked me for my pin to my bank account . I then told him I could not give him that info. He became angry and told me to suck his #%€£. I read that they were legit but they are not . It's a scam. . Please don't... Read more

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I bought 2 my pillows from bed bath and beyond as a gift. A week later i bought 2 my pillows from the my pillow web site.The 2 i bought at bb and beyond were gifts the 2 i bought from the web site were for my wife and myself. when they arrived they were totally... Read more

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Omega Xl's reply to:

As you have chosen to remain anonymous it is not possible for us to provide the service you have requested. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at Read more

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went through the ordeal of grafting,, and the pics they took before the grafting, looks exactly like the pic after the grafting, the docs dont care, they called me in for checkup, but all they wanted to do was fool me into doing a another grafting for 3000 hair... said... Read more

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Prime america is full of ***. They mislead people into joining their *** seminar meetings and telling you that you will have potential to make money. What kind of job ask you to pay before you get paid? On top of that what kind of place treats people with favoritism... Read more

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See exchange with Brooks Brothers Customer Service: I would appreciate it if you would not use my name if you post this complaint. I would also note that the care instructions that are given in these emails differ from those on the shirts themselves (that is,... Read more

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When I first ordered keranique, I was excited and after applying I got a bad headache, but I kept using, thinking it wasn't nothing and not making the connection, until after maybe the third try I call them and that's when I found out after talking with one of there... Read more

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I made a purchase through addvantage USA, now I just want to have basic information such when will receive my package what's my tracking number, I have been calling every day, every hour or 5 mins, there no one to answer my questions I left several voice mail, send... Read more

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on the phase two you take about 15 pills a day or more depending if you bought all the other extras and on phase I the fiber pills could choke a horse. the peaches and cream fiber drink is the best and the chocolate mocha shake is delish the spark get watermelon mango... Read more

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